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The CUNY Undergraduate Research webpage offers resources to help undergraduates find a mentored research experience at CUNY, and lists opportunities for students to share their research findings with the  CUNY community. The site also has resources for faculty looking to engage students in their research projects.

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C-SURP offers undergraduates the opportunity to work closely with a CUNY faculty mentor on a hands-on empirical research project. 


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The CUNY Research Scholars Program provides funded laboratory experiences for Associates degree students over a one-year period.


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CUNY Nobel Science Challenge   > 

Every Fall, CUNY undergraduates are invited to write an essay explaining the scientific concepts behind the recent Nobel Prizes in Physiology/Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Economics. 

















At CUNY, the nation’s largest urban university, there are opportunities to participate in high caliber research projects for students from the high school level, through 2-year and 4-year undergraduate studies, to graduate and doctoral programs.