Research Policies



The City University of New York is committed to the free exchange of knowledge through education and research publications, while contributing to the public interest. The University believes that it can best fulfill these commitments within an open intellectual environment that allows for free exchange of information. CUNY's policy on openness in research, including policies on classified research and publications restrictions, is available here .



Many researchers are exploring the option of crowdfunding as a source of extramural support for research. The University is in the process of developing policy and guidance related to the use of crowdfunding for research. In the interim, it is important for researchers to note that, when seeking crowdfunding, researchers are required to comply with all applicable University policies and procedures, including but not limited to policies on intellectual property, conflict of interest and human subject protection. Please contact Farida Lada, University Director for Research Compliance at for more information or guidance.



Research compliance policies, procedures and guidance, addressing responsible conduct of research, conflict of interest, human research and export control are available here