Contact Us

Gillian Small, PhD

Vice Chancellor for Research
Phone: 646-664-8910


Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Avrom Caplan, PhD
Associate University Dean for Research
Phone: 646-664-8904

Derek Steele, PhD
Project Coordinator
Phone: 646-664-8916

Effie MacLachlan, PhD
Director of Grants & Research Programs
Phone: 646-664-8908

Eric Vieira, PhD
Director of Special Research Programs
Phone: 646-664-8903

Heather Gibbs
Chief of Staff
Phone: 646-664-8907

Kevin Hawes
Programs Administrator
Phone: 646-664-8917

Ron Nerio
Research Associate
Phone: 646-664-8917

Sharon Maynard
Administrative Assistant for Research Compliance
Phone: 646-664-8918


Technology Commercialization Office

Doug Adams
Director, Technology Commercialization Office
Phone: 646-664-3443

Neeti Mitra
University Research Commercialization Office
Phone: 646-664-3445

Marceline Dickson
Office Manager, Technology Commercialization Office
Phone: 646-664-3447



Astrid Sylvester
Coordinating Manager
Phone: 646-664-8920

John Blaho, PhD
Director, Industrial-Academic Research
Phone: 646-664-3446

Zeev Dagan
Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives
Phone: 646-758-7959


Research Compliance

Arita Winter
Research Compliance Administrator
Phone: 646-664-8919

Faith Forgione
Human Research Protective Program Coordinator
Phone: 646-664-8912

Farida Lada
University Director for Research Compliance
Phone: 646-664-8909

Jacqueline Reid
Assistant Director for Research Compliance
Phone: 646-664-8911

Michael Brown
Research Compliance Administrator
Phone: 646-664-8906

Pauline Gonen-Smith
Sponsored Research Compliance Administrator
Phone: 646-664-8915