A Message from the Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost


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We spend quite a lot of time at this University--and certainly, within the Office of Academic Affairs--focusing on mathematics education.

One reason for this focus is our acute sensitivity to the fact that, for too many students, passing math courses with a satisfactory grade presents a substantial obstacle to academic success.

At the same time, the University is proceeding through the Decade of Science (2005-2015), with a focus on research and education in the STEM areas of the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In fact, an excellent grounding in mathematics is an essential foundation for all of the STEM fields.

Sometimes we seem to spend so much time talking about the challenges involved in math education, that we don't attend sufficiently to the successes that are taking place every day at the University in mathematics classes, the accomplishments of our students and of the faculty who teach them.

Math Matters at CUNY is an initiative that takes a comprehensive approach to math education at CUNY, highlighting our successes as well as our challenges. Math Matters profiles a range of mathematics-related projects and endeavors.

In the end, the message is simple: Mathematics matters at CUNY. Please return to this site often to keep up with our initiative's news and developments.



Alexandra W. Logue
Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost