2013 Presentations and Agenda

Smart. Resilient. Solar



Tria Case, University Director of Sustainability, City University of New York

9:45 Morning Conversation

'The Tipping Point for Solar in New York'

Moderator: Laurie Reilly, Communications, Sustainable CUNY

Richard Kauffman, Chair of Energy & Finance, Office of the Governor, State of New York

Frank Murray, Jr., President & CEO, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority

James Laurito, President & Chief Executive Officer, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.

Kenneth D. Daly, President, National Grid 

Stuart Nachmias, Vice President of Energy Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Consolidated Edison

10:45 Breaking Solar Barriers in NYC

Alison Kling, NYC Solar Coordinator, City University of New York <pdf>

David Gilford, Assistant Director, Center for Economic Transformation, NYC EDC <pdf>

Margarett Jolly, P.E., Distributed Generation Ombudswoman, Consolidated Edison <pdf>

Ethan Matyas, Sustainable Technology Program Architect, CUNY Ventures Inc <pdf>

Jamil Khan, Energy Policy Analyst, Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, NYC  

11:30 NYSolar Smart: A Statewide Collaboration

Moderator: Tria Case, Lead Implementer, Solar Initiatives in NYC

Amy Heinemann, New York State Solar Ombudsman, City University of New York <pdf>

Jennifer Harvey, Senior Project Manager, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority <pdf>

John Markowitz, P.E., CEM, Lead Engineer II, Clean Energy Technology, New York Power Authority <pdf>

12:30 Solar Thermal Roadmap

Wilson Rickerson, CEO, Meister Consultants Group, Inc.
NYC Solar Water Heating Roadmap

2:00 Emergency Power: Solar Steps up to the Plate

Jeremiah Couey, NYC Solar Ombudsman, City University of New York <pdf>

Lyle K. Rawlings, P.E., President & CEO, Advanced Solar Products, Inc. <pdf>

Brian Riccitelli, Sr. Manager, SMA America, LLC <pdf>

Charlie Korman, Research Manager, Solar Energy Programs, GE Global Research <pdf>

Michael Kleinberg, Consultant, Electricity Transmission and Distribution, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability

3:00 Afternoon Conversation

'Realizing the Value of Solar in the U.S.'

Moderator: Laurie Reilly, Communications, Sustainable CUNY

Kevin Lynn, Program Manager, Systems Integration, SunShot Initiative, U.S. Department of Energy

Kyle Kimball, Executive Director, New York City Economic Development Corporation

Robert Lurie, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, New York Power Authority

Mark Dougherty, Director of Distributed Generation and Renewable Programs, Long Island Power Authority