NYC Solar Thermal

In hot and sunny regions, solar water heating, also known as solar thermal systems can be a great decision. But even in New York's relatively cold climate, solar water heaters can help provide year-round hot water for homes and businesses. The economics of solar water heaters depend largely on the available incentives and on the type of fuel being displaced. For example, a customer that has an expensive source of energy to heat their water, such as electricity or fuel oil, will receive greater benefits from going solar than a customer using relatively lower cost natural gas.

NYC Solar Water Heating roadmap

The NYC Solar Water Heating Roadmap establishes a strategic plan for the future growth of a solar thermal market in the city. Through this report, CUNY worked with the NYC Solar Thermal Roundtable of industry stakeholders and partners to actively address barriers, devise strategies for leveraging potential opportunities, as well as design useful tools to support market growth. Findings from the New York City Economic Development Corporation Solar Thermal pilot program helped inform the NYC Solar Water Heating Roadmap. The roadmap aims to serve as a framework to integrate relevant initiatives across the City.

Download the NYC Solar Water Heating Roadmap <pdf>

nyc solar thermal roundtable

New York City Economic Development Corporation
Mayor’s Office for Long-term Planning and Sustainability
NYC Clean Heat
NYC Department of Buildings
NYC Department of City Administrative Services
New York State Public Service Commission
Community Environmental Center
Quixotic Energy Systems, Inc.
Plumbers Local One
Con Edison
National Grid

Staten Island Jewish Community Center
Enterprise Community Partners
Kew-Forest Plumbing and Heating
South Bronx Sustainable Bio-Diesel
Get Solar LLC
Walden Renewables
SunShine Solar Technologies
Paradigm Partners
PWB Management
Renewable Energy Global
Green Power Solutions