Residents of NY are eligible for a mix of federal, state, and in places, city incentives to support investments in installing solar energy. North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) accredited solar installers, found here on the NYSERDA website, are familiar with NY incentives and can help guide you through the process. In addition, many innovative financing solutions have emerged as well such as third-party ownership programs, often known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's), Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), and group purchasing programs such as Solarize campaigns.


Incentive Resources

Incentive eligibility varies by location, type of building, and system owner. The NY Solar Incentive Guides explain which incentives could apply to a solar installation on your home or building in NY.

Residential Solar PV Incentive Guide <pdf>

Commercial Solar PV Incentive Guide <pdf>  

Cooperative/Condominium Solar PV Incentive Guide <pdf>