Solar in New York City

Where energy is generated is a crucial part of America's energy equation and the same is true for solar. Urban areas like NYC are the load centers that need power- clean renewable power- generated locally. Since 2007 Sustainable CUNY has led the implementation of multiple U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) solar initiatives, working with the Mayor's Office, NYC Economic Development Corporation, Con Edison, NYSERDA, NYPA and over 30 partners to strategically remove barriers to large scale solar deployment.


NYC Solar Map

The NYC Solar Map, an online, interactive tool, helps New Yorkers understand the solar potential of their homes and businesses.  


Strategic Zones

Areas where solar generation would provide the greatest benefits to the grid and are therefore eligible for incentives.


Installing Solar

Resources to navigate the solar PV installation process from Incentives to Financing and Permitting are available to help system owners and installers navigate through the process.



In 2006 solar production was negligible in NYC due to extensive barriers including: technical, policy and lack of incentives, standardization or cohesion among agencies and utilities. CUNY, as an objective and trusted university, convened the stakeholders to collaborate on drafting and implementing the strategic solar plans for NYC. This work i includes multiple reports, new tools such as the world’s largest interactive solar map for NYC’s one million rooftops , analytics and the creation of Solar Empowerment Zones, now known as Strategic Zones. The result to-date of collective efforts with our partners  is an exponential increase in solar production and solar jobs.