Your Rights as a U.S. Citizen

Get U.S. Citizenship

Congratulations on becoming a United States citizen!  Among the rights and advantages you have just gained are:

  • You can vote for the politician of your choice and have full participation in United States democracy.  Remember, as a voter, the politicians will listen to you.

  • You can run for any public office, except President and Vice President.

  • As a U.S. citizen, you are eligible for all state and federal jobs, and other jobs where U.S. citizenship is required.

  • You can protect yourself from government policy changes that target non-citizens, such as welfare and Supplemental Social Income.

  • Unlike other immigration papers, you never have to renew your citizenship certificate.

  • If you become a citizen before your children turn 18, in most cases they also become citizens and receive benefits that all citizens are entitled to.

  • You can help more of your family members come to the United States.  In addition to your spouse and unmarried children, you can also petition for your parents, married children, siblings (married or single), and fiancé.  In most cases unmarried children of U.S. citizens get permanent residence faster if the parents are citizens than if the parents are permanent residents.  If you would like free assistance with your relative petition, please visit one of our immigration centers.

  • Finally, you have the privilege of traveling in and out of the United States more freely and you enjoy the benefits of holding a U.S. Passport.