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Get U.S. Citizenship

Those studying to take the citizenship exam may download the ten-unit test prep workbook developed by CUNY, an audio file of the test questions, or a recording of the test questions with answers.  This page also gives additional web sites with information about exam subjects.

Download the Citizenship Now! Student Workbook here (.pdf format) <pdf>

Recorded test questions (click here to download .mp3 file)

Recorded test questions with answers (.mp3 files):

Download questions 1 to 50 here

Download questions 51 to 100 here

Workbook Resources:

Unit 1: Welcome to the U.S.

  • Find information about each of the 50 states.

  • From
    Statue of Liberty.

  • Download flashcards of the states and capitals <pdf> or the states and the dates admitted to the union. <pdf>

  • From
    Play a game that asks you to place each state on the correct location on the U.S. map.  Click on a grade range in Ben's kite, for example "K-2." Click on "Games and Activities," then "Interactive Games," and "Place the State." Click "Play." Now you are ready to organize the U.S. map state by state.  Drag each state to its correct place on the map.

Unit 2: Early America and the Declaration of Independence

Unit 3: The U.S. Constitution

Unit 4: Three Branches of the Government

Unit 5: A Representative Government

Unit 6: Your Government Today

Unit 7: Citizens' Rights & Amendments to the Constitution

Unit 8: One Nation or Two? The U.S. in the 1800s

Unit 9: The 1900s, the World Changes

Unit 10: Democracy & You