In-State Tuition/ Financial Assistance Issues

Information for non citizens

CUNY In-State Tuition Issues

All CUNY students, including undocumented students, benefit from a 2001 New York State law that expanded who can qualify for in-state tuition <pdf>.  That law allows students, including undocumented students, to pay in-state tuition if any of the following applies:

  • were enrolled in CUNY for the Fall 2001 semester, and qualified for in-state tuition at that time; or
  • attended a New York State high school for two or more years, graduated, and applied to attend a CUNY institution within five years of receiving a New York State diploma; or
  • they attended an approved New York State program for the General Educational Development (GED) exam preparation, received a GED from New York State, and applied to attend a CUNY institution within five years of receiving the New York State GED.  GED holders who graduated from High School either in the United States or overseas are not eligible for this benefit.

Individuals qualifying based on the 2001 state law are eligible for in-state tuition even if they have not resided in New York State for one year. Note: To get in-state tuition, undocumented immigrants must file an affidavit (a sworn, written statement signed by the applicant) stating that they will apply to legalize their status as soon as they are eligible. At CUNY, the admissions office can provide you with samples of the affidavits.

Financial Assistance for Undocumented Students

Undocumented students are generally ineligible for state or federal financial aid.  However, they may qualify for certain private scholarships, depending on the requirements.  Please speak with an admissions counselor for information on scholarships, financial assistance, and how to apply to CUNY.  Applications for all CUNY colleges and programs are available online at, and from the Office of Admission Services by calling 1-800-CUNY-YES.

Undocumented students with outstanding academic records should consider CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College. If they meet the in-state tuition requirements described above and they are accepted into the honors college, they qualify for a full tuition scholarship, a laptop, and a stipend. Honors College students who do not meet the in-state tuition test may qualify for limited assistance. For additional information about the Macaulay Honors College please contact:

Macaulay Honors College
35 W. 67th Street
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212-729-2900
Fax: 212-580-8130