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CUNY School of Professional Studies

The CUNY School of Professional Studies offers an immigration studies program not available anywhere else. This comprehensive immigration law studies program leads to a New York State authorized certificate in Immigration Law Studies.

Immigrant Professionals Training Program (IPTP)
IPTP is a seven week course that helps prepare professionals from abroad with continuing their career. Courses cover information about getting foreign licenses and diplomas evaluated, obtaining licensing procedures in the United States and information about school systems in the United States.

New York Immigration Coalition
Through its Immigrant Concerns Training Institute (ICTI), The New York Immigration Coalition offers a full calendar of trainings on topics critical for organizations, social service providers, government employees, and attorneys serving immigrant communities.


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CUNY Admissions Information
Find information about the City University of New York's colleges, programs and admissions process.

CUNY Student Affairs Website
Learn about the broad array of services that the City University of New York offers to students at all nineteen of its campuses. The website includes information on both student services and student life.

New York State Youth Leadership Council
The New York Youth Leadership council is a youth-led network representing high schools, colleges, and community based organizations committed to improving access to higher education and creating equal opportunity for immigrant youth and children of immigrants through leadership development and advocacy.