Office of the Vice Chancellor




The work of the Central Office of Student Affairs (COSA) is provided support by the offices of Communications and Media; Effectiveness and Development; and Student Advocacy, Referral and Disaster Relief.

Advocacy & Referral

The CUNY Office of Student Advocacy and Referral was inaugurated on July 1, 2007. COSAR provides support to students who need assistance or guidance in matters concerning University regulations, policies and procedures. >>

Assessment & Strategic Initiatives

The Office of Assessment & Strategic Initiatives helps to develop conceptual frameworks, student learning outcomes and assessment tools for the units within Student Affairs. It gathers data from multiple sources to inform policy discussions as well as to support decision-making and program development. The Office also conducts its own evaluation research of programs and policies.

Communications & Media

The Communications and Media Office delivers student services information, news and updates across the Division of Student Affairs and the University. The Division of Student Affairs newsletter and website promote outreach to students and all campus professionals including communications and media liaisons and external agencies. 

Disaster Relief Efforts

CUNY has a long standing history of sponsoring
and conducting activities in support of national and international communities affected by natural
disasters. >>

Scholarships >>