Curriculum Outline

Required Specialization Courses

3 Credits Each, Except for the two 1-credit lab courses

PH 75000 or 75100 Biostatistics

NUTR 70500 Nutritional Biochemistry

NUTR 71500 Food Service and Management

NUTR 72000 Community Nutrition Education

NUTR 72500 Nutrition Research

NUTR 73300 Nutrition and Human Development

NUTR 73100 Advanced Nutrition I

NUTR 73200 Advanced Nutrition II

NUTR 73400 Clinical Nutrition I

NUTR 73500 Clinical Nutrition II

NUTR 74600 Nutrition and Disease

NUTR 74700 Advanced Nutrition & Assessment Lab (1 credit)

NUTR 75600 Food Science & Environment

NUTR 75700 Food Science & Environment Lab (1 credit)


3 Credits 

NUTR 76000 Practicum plus Comprehensive Exam

Total Credits R equired for MS



Curriculum Requirements

The MS-DP is set up as a 4 semester (2 year) program. However, students could take up to 2 years to complete the pre-requisites to enter the MS-DP.

Comprehensive Exam

All graduate students in the MS-Nutrition Program will be required to take a comprehensive exam to demonstrate understanding of the course materials. This exam will be given in the last semester of the program and will serve as the final exam in the Practicum course. The exam will be a multiple-choice exam that is similar in style to the ADA national registration exam for dietitians. In order to obtain the Verification Statement, a student must score at least 75% on the comprehensive exam and maintain good standing in the department. If a student scores < 75% on the exam, then the student will be allowed to retake the exam.

Sample Coursework Schedule for MS- DP-- 41 credits

Fall: 12 cr

1. NUTR 705 Nutritional Biochemistry 3 cr

2. NUTR 715 Food Service and Management 3 cr

3. NUTR 720 Community Nutrition Education 3 cr

4. PH 750 Biostatistics 3cr


Spring: 9 cr*

5. NUTR 731 Advanced Nutrition I 3 cr

6. NUTR 733 Nutrition and Human Development 3 cr

7. NUTR 746 Nutrition and Disease 3 cr

Fall: 10 cr*

8. NUTR 725 Nutrition Research 3 cr

9. NUTR 732 Advanced Nutrition II 3 cr

10. NUTR 734 Clinical Nutrition I 3 cr

11. NUTR 747 Adv Nutrition & Assessment Lab 1 cr


Spring: 10 cr*

12. NUTR 735 Clinical Nutrition II 3 cr

13. NUTR 756 Food Science & Environment Lec 3 cr

14. NUTR 757 Food Science & Environment Lab 1 cr

15. NUTR 760 Practicum 3 cr

*You will not be considered a full time student in 3 out of 4 semesters. We strongly urge students to not take any additional courses to have a full time status, since these graduate courses are extremely demanding. However, if a student must maintain full time status for financial aid they can take additional courses toward the dual MS-MPH option given below (they are not needed for the MS-DP).

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