Epidemiology & Biostatistics - MPH

Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to design and conduct population health studies and apply research findings to improve the health of urban populations. The Epidemiology and Biostatistics MPH program consists of 2 specializations: one in Epidemiology and one in Biostatistics. The objectives for students in Epidemiology include being able to: understand the principles, methods, strengths and limitations of epidemiologic study designs; collaborate on applied population health research; interpret epidemiologic findings, effectively communicate research and finding to lay and professional audiences, and apply the findings to the development of evidence-based interventions to improve population health. The objectives for students in Biostatistics include being able to: attain an awareness and basic understanding of advanced statistical methods and to apply core and intermediate level statistical methods to public health endeavors, such as data management, statistical analysis, interpretation, and presentation of analytical results using computing technology in government and private health agencies, industry, and research institutions.

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