What Will I Learn?

If you gave blood, urine, and saliva, you will learn:

  • your levels of good and bad cholesterol, which affect your risk for heart disease
  • if your kidney function is abnormal
  • whether you have diabetes
  • whether you have been exposed to heavy metals (lead, mercury, and cadmium)
  • whether you test positive for hepatitis B or C

Our timeline for providing you with this information depends on your results.

  • Some results, such as blood pressure, will be given at the time of your physical exam.
  • Normal results will be mailed to you within 14 to 18 weeks.
  • If your results indicate that you are in urgent need of medical attention, we will contact you immediately.

Remember, to protect your confidentiality, we provide results only to you (not to family members).

Please call 1-347-396-4171 if you have questions about NYC HANES.