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What Can I Expect?

Home Visits:

Specially trained members of the NYC HANES team called or visited homes to select one or two members of the households that had been selected. The NYC HANES team members showed badges <pdf> with photo identification from RTI, the survey vendor.

New Yorkers who agreed to participate signed a consent form and then had three options:

  • take the survey and physical exam right away (preferred)
  • take the survey and physical exam right away and schedule a return visit to draw blood (either at the participant's home or in the NYC HANES Manhattan clinic)
  • schedule the full interview at a later date (either at the participant's home or in the NYC HANES Manhattan clinic)

Follow-Up Appointments:

  • were available days, evenings, and weekends
  • were scheduled at participants' homes or in the NYC HANES Manhattan clinic (455 First Avenue, between 26th and 27th Streets)

Survey Questions (1 ½ hours):

The survey included a face-to face interview and a computer-assisted interview for more sensitive questions, which participants could take in private. Participants did not have to answer any question that made them uncomfortable.

Face-to-Face Interview Topics:

  • information about where you were born, and your age, race, and ethnicity
  • health status
  • recent health-care experiences
  • nutrition
  • tobacco use
  • oral health
  • mental health
  • sexual experience
  • drug use
  • take blood pressure and pulse
  • measure height, weight, and waist
  • collect blood, urine, and saliva samples

Computer-Assisted Interview Topics:

  • sexual experience
  • drug use

NYC HANES did not include questions about immigration status.

Physical Exam (15-20 minutes):

Trained staff conducted a physical with no internal examination. Participation was voluntary. Participants were asked not to eat beforehand, so that we could get the best results. The examination included:

  • measurement of blood pressure and pulse
  • measurement of height, weight, and waist
  • collection of blood, urine, and saliva samples

Please call 1-347-396-4171 if you have questions about NYC HANES.