External Partners

The CUNY Service Corps is seeking community partners and other agencies and organizations to work closely with Service Corps staff to design meaningful student projects and placements and to host Corps members during the 2013-14 academic year.

Community partners of the CUNY Service Corps will:

  • Identify a pressing need in a local community
  • Work with Service Corps staff to design student projects
  • Host and supervise a cohort of CUNY Service Corps members
  • Evaluate Corps members and communicate regularly with Service Corps staff

important facts about cuny service corps placements:

  • Partners will be given flexibility to design placements that are either:
    • Project-based assignments culminating in a product or an event; or
    • Ongoing work which incorporates the Service Corps members into the organization's day-to-day operations.
  • Partners will host at least 5 and up to 50 Service Corps members, depending upon organizational capacity and the types of projects offered.
  • Typical placements will last 24 weeks (over two semesters), with Service Corps members on-site for an average of 12 hours per week.
  • Interested organizations will be asked to:
    • Participate in CUNY Service Corps orientation sessions and trainings
    • Provide meaningful and satisfying work relevant to the skills and interests of Service Corps members
    • Provide adequate supervision, including
      • Identifying qualified staff to supervise Corps members
      • Formal assessment of Corps members
      • Timely completion and submission of timekeeping for Corps members
    • Provide appropriate space (desks, computers, etc.) and placement-specific training, as needed
    • Participate in evaluation of the Service Corps, potentially including surveys and interviews
    • Maintain communication with Service Corps staff
    • Provide a safe and supportive environment for Corps members


  • An initial visit to the placement site
  • A program orientation and supervisor training sessions
  • Periodic on-site meetings with Service Corps members and their supervisors
  • A highly responsive program staff to address partner organization concerns


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