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Winter 2010

Cold Case: To Antarctica and (33 Million Years) Back

STEPHEN PEKAR, Queens College

Entering the Mysterious Waters of Antarctica

We crossed the 60th parallel yesterday and with it the seascape began to change. The huge waves that we battled in the screeching 50’s faded into smaller long distance swells that would remind us of what is waiting for us when we attempt to return northward on our way back after we finish drilling. The ocean continued to cool and with it created thick fog that would obscure our way as we plodded through these icy waters toward our first drilling site. When we started our shift at midnight...

Summer 2009

In Search of The Oldest Apes


There and Back Again

Once again, I turn the blog over to CUNY grad student Julia Zichello –WHS
We were kneeling on the ground at Kiahera, brushing and picking through the loose earth as the heat quietly drowned our thoughts. I decided that I just needed to sit down for a second...

Marco in the field

Melting of the Poles


Reflections on an ice-cold summer

We are back from the cold desert of ice where lakes and streams of meltwater create suggestive oases. The experiment was successful and we collected all the data we wanted to, and more. It was harder than I thought to deploy the boat and prepare it every time for each experiment. However, we made it with a lot of patience, physical strength and keeping up the good mood. The weather helped in the sense that it was relatively pleasant during the day, with warm temperatures (around 32-34 F)...

Ice image
David in the field

Mysteries of the Deep Coral Reef

DAVID GRUBER, Baruch College

Onward and Upward from the Deep

After his most recent explorations of the deep reef, in the Red Sea and Caribbean, Baruch College's David Gruber returned to New York to some good news about the fruits of his labors over the past few years. On Oct. 1, Nature published new findings about fluorescent proteins by Dave and his colleagues. The prestigious journal highlighted the ongoing work for its advancement of the understanding of how these proteins have evolved and how they function. Meanwhile, Dave has gained national...

Jelly fish image