CUNY psm website

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree is a two-year graduate degree designed to enable students to pursue advanced training and excel in science while simultaneously developing valued professional skills with real world applications.

In a recent survey conducted by the CUNY PSM initiative, over 30% of respondents stated that they would consider enrolling in a PSM degree. Given that the PSM presents an entirely new opportunity for many of our students, we view this finding as a very positive starting point from which to introduce our programs.

According to student responses, the three most important aspects of PSMs are: career placement after graduation (60%), internships with industry that might lead to a job offer (55%), and having a professional mentor who can provide career advice and networking opportunities (52%).

Many CUNY PSM courses will be offered online or in a hybrid format (with online work supplementing classroom learning) to accommodate students trying to balance their education with their developing careers.

PSM programs prepare students for science careers in industry, government, or nonprofit organizations. The program includes an internship within the industry of the student’s choice. The National Professional Science Master’s Association has found that PSM graduates typically enter the workforce at higher salaries than graduates holding a discipline specific Master's.

Visit PSM Faculty/Facilities for more information and to find out about applying for a CUNY PSM program degree.