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NYCRIN Leadership Team

NYCRIN Testimonials

"NYCRIN is dedicated to teaching technology entrepreneurship and performing research that advances this endeavor. Its aim is to become a global leader in technology innovation and entrepreneurial business development by leveraging the existing innovation ecosystem in New York City."

Gillian Small, Ph.D., NYCRIN Principal Investigator, City University of New York

"I learned a lot from the I-Corps experience and I feel like my strategies toward my research have also changed. I am grateful for the time [the teaching team] spent reviewing my business canvas and interviews and providing [their] advice."

Omid Dehzangi, EL,
NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"The [I-Corps] program, along with the entire 'Teaching Team', was outstanding, even for someone who thinks they know a lot about the world of startups. It was, as they say, a valuable learning experience for me as a Mentor, as well as for our Team."

Tom Harrison, IM, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"Thanks again for a job well done!!!!! Everyone I reached out to the last couple of days had nothing negative to say. At times, PIs, mentors or ELs would approach me on their own and offer ONLY positive comments about both the curriculum and the instructors."

Rathindra (Babu) DasGupta, Program Director, I/UCRC and I-Corps

"I'd like to thank you all for guiding us throughout the customer discovery process."

Maciej Pietrusinski, EL, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"Thank you so much for your constant support and advice in training me towards entrepreneurship. The program was fun and educational at the same time."

Raviprasad Aduri, Ph.D., EL, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

"Thank you again for being a critical (literally!) part of the I-Corps program for me. It was a great experience and I learned a lot."

Linda Plano, IM, NYCRIN April 2013 Cohort

Gillian Small

Gillian Small serves as CUNY Vice Chancellor for Research.  She develops the strategy for CUNY's research programs by fostering visionary initiatives and new models of participation, encouraging information and resource sharing, and connecting research and scholarly activities with emerging opportunities.  Her major responsibilities include planning new state-of-art science facilities as part of CUNY's Decade of Science, such as the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center which houses high-end core facilities to support cutting-edge research in photonics, nanoscience, structural biology, neuroscience, and environmental sensing.  As CUNY's senior research officer, Dr. Small has overall responsibility for the University's intellectual property portfolio, developing relationships with outside research organizations, industry, governmental, and non-governmental funding sources, and enhancing CUNY's contribution to the economic development of NY City and NY State.  As PI of the NYCRIN, Dr. Small is responsible for completion of the Project Plan and serves as the liaison to the Senior Administrative Management of the NYCRIN Network Schools.

Kurt Becker

Kurt Becker serves as the Associate Provost for Research and Technology Initiatives at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.  He is responsible for the development of new experimental techniques and processes for technology innovation, technology transfer, and IP commercialization.  Dr. Becker is an international expert in the experimental and theoretical study of electron-driven processes in plasmas.  Co-PI Kurt Becker coordinates all NYU activities that support NYCRIN and, in coordination with co-PIs Blaho and Wiggins, coordinates the activities of the 3 proposing partner schools within NYCRIN and serves as liaison to the technical contacts at other Network Schools.

Chris Wiggins

Chris Wiggins is an associate professor of applied mathematics at the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science.  His research focuses on machine learning, statistical inference, and information theory for the inference, analysis, and organization of biological networks.  Dr. Wiggins helps Columbia students and students from around the world engage in NY’s burgeoning startup community through hackNY, a nonprofit initiative he co-founded in 2010.  In 2011, Dr. Wiggins selected as one of the 100 "Silicon valley Insiders."  He also serves as a Mentor for TechStars NYC.

John Blaho

John Blaho is the CUNY Director for Industrial-Academic Research.  He is responsible for creating/maintaining productive Sponsored Research Projects between Industrial entities and CUNY research faculty.  Dr. Blaho was trained as a chemical engineer, received his Ph.D. in biochemistry, and was the PI of an academic research lab for 25 years.  Subsequently, he served a CSO function at a biotech company in Princeton, NJ.  Since joining CUNY in 2010, he led the creation of two new NSF IUCRC centers at the City College of New York and has served as the Industrial Mentor for 3 funded NSF I-Corps teams.

Christina Pellicane

Christina Pellicane serves as the Manager of the NYC Regional Innovation Node.  In this position, she manages the daily operations of the NYCRIN Facility and its other collaborative programs.  She is the key strategic relationship manager between the three core university members of the Node, as well as between the Node and all of its network schools.  Prior to joining NYCRIN, Ms. Pellicane served as the Clinical Business Administrator at AlcheraBio, a veterinary clinical research organization, where her responsibilities included managing GCP guidelines as a study monitor, creating proposals, managing multiple studies’ budgets, arranging training programs for employees, and integrating a novel, company-wide online data management system.  Ms. Pellicane received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Animal Science from the University of Georgia and received a Master of Business and Science with a concentration in Biotechnology and Genomics from Rutgers University.  Ms. Pellicane is an experienced biotechnologist specializing in GMP guidelines and is listed as co-inventor on industrial patents.  She is Clean Room Certified and a Certified Sustainability Manager and her skills include experiential training, situation management, and consumer interaction techniques.

Effie MacLachlan

Effie MacLachlan is the Grants Administrator and Research Programs Manager in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. In this capacity, she oversees the financial administration for the NYCRIN project. Dr. MacLachlan is an accomplished grant writer and communications specialist and has over fifteen years of experience in all aspects of development and fundraising in both university and nonprofit settings. Prior to joining the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, she stewarded the establishment of the ALL CITY Foundation, a private nonprofit with an innovative mission to integrate the visual arts and community healthcare.

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