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Malave Fellows

A Commitment to Leadership


About the Malave Fellows Program

The signature program of the Malave Leadership Academy, the Malave Fellows Program provides an advanced level of academic and co-curricular opportunities for students who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership on their campuses and in their communities. This innovative year-long program brings together best practices in leadership development and education from across CUNY, and beyond. The Fellows experience state of the art multicultural leadership education with emphases on service, community building, global perspectives, and innovation. The primary program areas include:
  • An academic seminar series 
  • Individualized professional development
  • Experiential service learning
The goal of the Fellows program is to provide opportunities for students to development the leadership competencies outlined in the CUNY Star Leadership Education Model . This rigorous and engaging program is grounded in a seminar series which provides the academic foundation for the development of these ten core "CUNY Star" leadership competencies. The Malave professional development process for Fellows is designed to provide opportunities for students to build upon their strengths - a major tenet of the Malave approach. At the same time, the service learning component focuses on the development, management, and implementation of service projects in order to provide experiential learning opportunities. Finally, a number of special workshops and events provide opportunities to learn financial management, fund-raising, consensus building, and networking among other important skills. Each year the Malave Fellows, are selected from across the City University's 23 institutions. This year's cohort represents 17 Colleges and more than 20 majors. The process begins in January, with the request for nominations from the CUNY College Presidents as well as an open application process. The final selections are made in June, and the new Fellows are announced prior to their August orientation retreat. We welcome you to apply for the Malave Fellows Program, or nominate a student leader today.