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The Ernesto Malave Leadership Academy at CUNY is your source for leadership education, research, and opportunities at the City University of New York (CUNY). The Academy is where students come together with faculty and other leaders to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to become global leaders.

Formerly the CUNY Leadership Academy, the Academy was recently named in honor and memory of Ernesto Malave, Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance and CUNY Alumnus.

Leaders have studied, taught, and organized at the City University of New York throughout our rich history. We have a great tradition of developing leaders in a wide array of disciplines and sectors. From Jonas Salk to Abraham Maslow, Shirley Chisholm to Audre Lorde, and Colin Powell to President Barack Obama who did some of his early community organizing at our very own City College.

Our graduates include 12 Nobel Laureates, a U.S. Secretary of State, a Supreme Court Justice, mayors, members of Congress, state legislators, an astronaut, noted theorists, composers, noted writers, inventors, and corporate leaders. In fact, according to a recent national survey by Standard & Poor's, more top U.S. corporate executives earned their bachelor's degrees at The City University of New York than at any other university in the country.

The vision for the Academy was made possible by the unique nature of the City University of New York. CUNY is a state university system with the unique characteristic that all of its campuses are located within one city, the great city of New York. Imagine if all of the University of California campuses were in Los Angeles, CUNY is something like that. Due to our unique geographic reality, we are able to partner with extraordinary educational leaders from across CUNY to offer leadership education programs at the university system level.

In addition to our remarkable history of leadership development, CUNY is arguably the most diverse university in the United States. Our diversity, the proximity of our campuses, and our location in New York City combine to provide unparalleled opportunities for our students to develop as leaders.

Please feel free to contact us. We welcome your participation, ideas and feedback. As we continue to develop our website, we will be adding more information and new features. We will also continually update the calendar, so check back frequently!

Welcome to the Ernesto Malave Leadership Academy, where you change the world.