Internship & Career Fair

NBC, FOX-5, CBS Radio. Don't like letters? How about The New York Daily News, Simon and Schuster and Martha Stewart Omnimedia?

Stodgy old media companies? Get with it: There isn’t a single major media company out there that hasn’t plunged into the New Media world. That’s where consumers, especially young consumers, are. That’s where the changing economy and lifestyles dictate these companies have to be to survive. And that’s where the opportunities will be -- for those with skills in reporting, blogging, editing, podcasting, videocasting, Web design, in the tech jobs that make the digital world spin.

In this competitive market, those skills are often honed in internships – real-world work experience for pay or college credit. Internships are a great way to soak up media skills and culture, to build relationships, and to get ready for the tough job market ahead.

The twelfth CUNY Journalism, Broadcast and New Media Internship & Career Fair ties all of these strands together on Friday, October 26, 2012 at the University Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave., at 34th Street in Manhattan.

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