Journalism, Broadcast & New Media
Conference & Career Fair

October 3, 2008

WABC, WNBC, NPR, MTV, BET. Don’t like letters? How about The Economist, The New York Times and Time Inc.?

Stodgy old media companies? Get with it: There isn’t a single major media company out there that hasn’t plunged into the New Media world. That’s where consumers, especially young consumers, are. That’s where the changing economy and lifestyles dictate these companies have to be if they’re going to survive.

And that’s where the jobs will be, not just in reporting, blogging and editing, but also in highly skilled tech jobs that make the digital world spin. Podcasting, videocasting and jazzy Web design—those are the skills that today’s media companies want.

The eighth CUNY Journalism, Broadcast and New Media Conference ties all of those strands together on Friday, Oct. 3, 2008, at the University Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Ave., at 34th Street in Manhattan.

The conference’s cosponsors are leading this movement toward the digital future of communications. The Economist is an internationally influential window into the worlds of news, finance, the arts and more—and it has reserved paid summer internships for CUNY students in both marketing and journalism. And Adobe Systems, a world leader in dynamic digital communication software, is holding workshops on some of its key products, the ones that have made the Web look and operate what we expect it to be, including Flash, After Effects and Photoshop Lightroom. There also are pure New Media companies represented at the conference, including The Huffington Post and Theroot.com.



8:45 AM
Proshansky Auditorium

Internships and Beyond at The New York Times
Proshansky Auditorium
9:15 - 10:15 AM
Top Editors of The New York Times and New York Times Interactive tell you everything you ever wanted to know about getting an internship or planning for a career at The New York Times in this question and answer session. Special focus will be given to web and new technology related jobs. If you’ve published in print or on the web bring your work (clips, audio, video and other new media) and a resume.


A Conversation with Matthew Bishop
10:15 – 11:15 AM
Matthew Bishop is Chief Business Writer/US Business Editor of The Economist, based in New York. He was previously The Economist's London-based Business Editor, and has also served as its New York Bureau Chief. Mr. Bishop will speak about the economy, global events, and how The Economist is growing in North America and meeting the challenges that media companies face in the 21st century.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 and Digital Photography
10:15 - 11:15 AM
Whether you are a true photography professional or a dedicated amateur, the tools you use for your art will have an impact on your workflow. In this session, you will learn the best practices for managing, adjusting, and editing you work with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 software. We will cover managing the many photographs you take with keywords, catalogs, and smart collections so you can identify and locate any shot any time. You will learn how to adjust the raw photos you take, so you can produce professional quality work from just about any photograph you take. Finally, you'll learn how to edit your pictures for use with whatever project you are planning to create.

Bad Journalism Spells Legal Trouble
10:30 - 11:30 AM
Whether you report your news in a newspaper, blog or Web site, there are certain measures you can take to boost the quality of your reporting and avoid legal risk. Learn some top tips for limiting legal risk and go to www.kcnn.org/legal_risk for information, animations, video, quizzes and to post questions to media lawyers.


Presentation of Murray Kempton Awards and
Conference Keynote with William K. Rashbaum of the New York Times

Proshansky Auditorium
11:30 AM


Adobe Flash CS3 and Videocasting/Podcasting
1:00 2:00 PM
Adobe Flash CS3 software has long been used as an animator's tool for creating engaging web graphic elements. However, when combined with video, it allows you to create an excellent interface to share and distribute video. In this session, you will learn how to encode video for use with Flash projects, how to leverage components in Flash CS3 software to add a movie file to a web project, and how to build that project into a web site. Plus, you will see how to make use of true streaming with the Flash Media Server technology to create a secure but quality experience for your audience.


Online Publications and the Future of Journalism
1:00 - 2:00 PM
Can the Web support serious journalism?  The answers is yes. Increasingly, Web-only publications are scooping traditional print and broadcast media, attracting  advertising and developing viable business models. Journalists from two new media companies,  The Huffington Post and The Root, explain why are newspapers so scared of the Web, and what it means for your career plans.


Building a Career with an International Publication
1:00 – 2:00 PM
Speak a foreign language? Skilled at writing? Interested in the world? You may have a career with an international viewpoint ahead of you, and the Economist Magazine may help you get there. Learn more about internships for highly motivated students and other new media opportunities offered by this influential global media company.


CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Information Session
2:00 – 3:00 PM
Thinking about graduate school? Join the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism faculty and admissions staff for an informative session about this exciting new school. Learn about the innovative curriculum in print, broadcast and new media; the state-of-the-art broadcast studios, and the interactive newsroom. You'll also learn about the admissions process and financial aid options for this full-time program. Join us, and bring your questions.

Get Real for the Real World of Broadcasting
2:00 – 3:00 PM
Want to crack the highly competitive broadcasting business? You'll need to attend this session. Long-time broadcast professional Winston Mitchell covers what do now to land a job after graduation. Special attention will be given to crafting resumes and prepping audio and video projects. Learn how to leverage your skills to find the right internships.


Special Effects with Adobe After Effects CS3
3:00 – 4:00 PM
Working with video is a great way to add impact to your projects. However, if you want to take that video a step further, Adobe After Effects CS3 software is the tool you'll need. Whether you want to add titles to your work, create backdrops, or simply mix and match video from different shoots, this session will show you how to add those effects to your work. Plus, when you are done, After Effects will allow you to create just about any type of output from your work—Flash Video, Quicktime, AVI, Mp4, DVD.



William K. Rashbaum
Keynote Speaker and Honoree, Kempton Public Service Award

William Rashbaum joined The New York Times in 1999 and served as the newspaper's police bureau chief for three years. In November, 2005, he began covering federal court in Brooklyn and writing more broadly about law enforcement and corruption. He has been in the news business since 1983 and has worked at the Hearst Newspapers, United Press International, Reuters and New York Newsday, where he headed the police bureau until that newspaper ceased publication in 1995. He then spent four years at the Daily News, writing longer-term investigative stories. Since joining The Times, he has written extensively about organized crime, terrorism and a range of other issues. A native New Yorker, he attended the New England Conservatory of Music for a year after high school and with some breaks in his education, eventually graduated with a BA from Sarah Lawrence, after studying a smattering of literature, philosophy, political science and anthropology.

Matthew Bishop
Matthew Bishop is Chief Business Writer/US Business Editor of The Economist, based in New York. He was previously The Economist's London-based Business Editor, and has also served as its New York Bureau Chief. Mr. Bishop is the author of several Economist special survey supplements, including most recently "The Business of Giving", which looks at the industrial revolution taking place in philanthropy; "Kings of Capitalism", which anticipated and analysed the recent boom in private equity; and "Capitalism and its Troubles", an examination of the impact of problems such as the collapse of Enron. Matthew is the author of "Essential Economics", the official Economist layperson's guide to economics. Before joining The Economist, Matthew was on the faculty of London Business School, where he co-authored three books for the Oxford University Press, on subjects ranging from privatisation and regulation to corporate mergers. Prior to that he was educated at Oxford University. Matthew has served as a member of the Sykes Commission on the investment system in the 21st Century. He was also on the Advisors Group of the United Nations International Year of Microcredit 2005. He has been honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He has been interviewed on numerous media outlets including NPR, BBC World TV and BBC Radio 4 'Today'.

Dana Canedy
Dana Canedy is a senior editor for The New York Times who is involved with career development, staff training, recruitment and diversity initiatives. She was previously assignment editor for national news at The Times, Miami bureau chief. She joined the newspaper in 1996 as a business and finance reporter. Dana was part of a team that won a Pulitzer prize for national reporting in 2001 for "How Race Is Lived In America," a series on race relations. She is currently writing a book entitled "A Journal for Jordan," which is being published at the end of the year by Crown Publishers, a division of Random House.

Ruth Hochberger
Ruth Hochberger, with 25 years or experience in legal journalism, was editor-in-chief of the New York Law Journal for 12 years. A lawyer and member of the New York Bar, she was a criminal defense lawyer for The Legal Aid Society in Manhattan. As the first feature reporter for the Law Journal, she covered trials, court decisions, legislation, law firms, and local legal personalities for the daily professional publication as well as contributed to the National Law Journal. She was founding publisher of Leader Publications, a division of New York Law Publishing Co., which issues monthly professional newsletters for lawyers. As editor-in-chief, she also supervised the Law Journal's magazine for young lawyers, New York Lawyer, and the paper's Web site. She has taught media law and ethics, basic reporting and a seminar on covering courts and trials to undergraduate and graduate students at Columbia and New York universities. She blogs regularly on media matters for The Huffington Post. She has a B.A. in English from Barnard College and a J.D. from Boston College Law School.

Geanne Rosenberg
Geanne Rosenberg, an attorney and journalist, teaches media law and ethics at City University of New York's Graduate School of Journalism and Baruch College. Prof. Rosenberg is founding chair of Baruch's Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions, which offers journalism education to undergraduates. Prior to teaching at CUNY, she taught as an adjunct at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and at Yeshiva University's Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She authored and produced Knight Citizen News Network's Top Ten Rules To Limit Legal Risk, co-authored a new Poynter News University online course for bloggers on media law (http://www.newsu.org/articles/view.aspx?id=519) and her articles on legal, ethical, regulatory and business issues have appeared in many newspapers and magazines including Columbia Journalism Review, The New York Times, and The National Law Journal. She has a J.D. from Columbia University's School of Law, where she was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar; an M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism; and a B.A. in English from Bryn Mawr College. Professor Rosenberg received a Whiting Award for excellence in teaching.

Terrence Samuel
Terence Samuel is deputy editor of TheRoot.com, a daily online magazine of politics and culture that emphasizes the voices and concerns of African-Americans. He is a former senior editor at U.S. News & World Report and a New York-based correspondent for The Philadelphia Inquirer. From 2005-2007, he was director of news programming at AOL Black Voices and continues to write a weekly column for the online edition of The American Prospect. In the winter of 2002, Samuel was a media and public policy fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he examined the roots of the partisan and cultural divide that now characterizes much of our national political discourse. Samuel joined U.S. News in 2000 after 16 years as a newspaper reporter, during which he covered a range of issues, from the proliferation of guns on the streets of Philadelphia to the 25th anniversary reunion at Woodstock to the enormous economic and social problems that confronted post-apartheid South Africa.

Winston F. Mitchell
Winston F. Mitchell, two-time Emmy Award winner, is the News Director/Producer of the half-hour PBS Television program Transit Transit News Magazine, a program focusing on mass transit issues which is broadcast and cablecast into 22 million homes in the New York tri-state area. Mitchell's media career includes managerial and production positions at major networks including Visnews/Reuters, CNN, WABC-TV Eyewitness News/ABC Network, WOKR-TV and WNYE (PBS-TV). He is an adjunct professor at Pace University and has taught all aspects of mass media at CUNY's Bronx Community College and Medgar Evers College; Long Island University and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Telecommunication at Arizona State University. Mitchell has also worked as a communications consultant to major corporations.

Pamela Frazier
Pamela Frazier is Senior Event Manager for Economist Conferences, Americas. Since arriving at Economist Conferences in January 2006, Pamela has been responsible for managing the logistics for various conferences and special events produced by the conferences department. She is skilled Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) possessing extensive knowledge in hotel contract negotiating and meeting planning (food and beverage, audio-visual coordination, budget management). She holds a Bachelor's degree in International Management from Pace University and is pursuing her Master's degree in Hospitality Administration from the University of Nevada. In her spare time, Pamela enjoys singing, practicing the Spanish language and traveling to exciting destinations. 


Rachel Sklar
Rachel Sklar is a senior contributing editor for the Huffington Post and is editor of the site's Eat The Press page. She has contributed to The New York Times, the New York Post, the Village Voice, Glamour, New York Magazine, Radar Online, the Financial Times, and numerous publications in her homeland of Canada. She is a frequent guest on networks including CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, with varying degrees of makeup. She is the author of A Stroke of Luck: Life, Crisis and Rebirth of a Stroke Survivor (with Howard Rocket, Canada: 1998) and is currently working on Jew-ish, a humorous book about cultural identity. She also has essays in the recently-released anthologies, Have I Got A Guy For You: What Really Happens When Mom Fixes You Up and Camp Camp: Where Fantasy Island Meets Lord Of The Flies, and occasionally performs at comedy shows around time in very small rooms for very few people. Rachel was recently named to Heeb magazine's "Heeb 100," Chatelaine magazine's "Canadian Women to Watch," New York Moves magazine's "2008 Power Women" and the Globe & Mail's "Ten Famous Canadians You've Never Heard Of," which she thinks was meant to be a compliment. She was formerly a corporate lawyer in New York and Stockholm, where she never learned to like herring.

Tim Plummer
Tim Plummer, Jr. has been working with and for Adobe since 1998. He has covered products as diverse as Adobe's print tools, the web tools, the Acrobat family of products, and Adobe's technical publishing product line. In his current role as a senior solutions engineer for the education sales team, he works to place Adobe technologies into the context of the needs of higher education customers. Tim has worked in and around higher education since leaving the University of Maine system in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in zoology. He has worked in student life and has taught-as faculty-ways to use Adobe Creative Suite software in an efficient communications workflow. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Acrobat 8, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional 7, and Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, and uses those tools to support his current passion for eLearning. He enjoys helping people to best extend the reach and effectiveness of teaching through the use of Adobe technologies such as PDF and Flash.

David Diaz
David Diaz is a veteran TV correspondent and anchor who has covered major news and produced and written features and breaking stories at both WCBS TV and WNBC TV. He covered four City Hall administrations and many public policy battles and political campaigns, winning five Emmys and numerous other awards for daily reporting and news documentaries. Diaz is currently a Distinguished Lecturer at City College, taught reporting for television at New York University, and has lectured on media, politics, and ethnicity at various colleges. He's a regular contributing commentator on NY1's Inside City Hall show and has served as moderator at numerous public policy forums. He is a City College graduate and has an MS from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Jeff Jarvis
Jeff Jarvis, associate professor of journalism at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, is a national leader in the development of online news, blogging and other forms of collaborative journalism, and is author of the influential blog Buzzmachine.com. He is new-media columnist for The Guardian in London, where he is also a consultant. He has also consulted for companies including Sky.com, Burda, Advance Publications, and The New York Times Company at About.com. He is writing a book, What Would Google Do?, to be released by an imprint of Harper Collins in January. Prior to coming to CUNY, Jarvis was president of Advance.net, the online arm of Advance Publications, which includes Conde Nast magazines and newspapers across America. He was creator and founding managing editor of Entertainment Weekly magazine and has worked as a columnist, publisher, editor and developer for a number of publications, including TV Guide, People, and the New York Daily News. His freelance articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the county, including The New York Times, the New York Post, The Nation, Rolling Stone, and Business Week. Jarvis holds a B.S.J. from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.


Glenn Lewis
Glenn Lewis is director of the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree program he created for York College -- where he holds the rank of associate professor in English. An experienced journalist, Lewis' work has appeared in numerous publications including Publishers Weekly, Car & Driver, US, Seventeen, Family Weekly, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ron Diorio
Ron Diorio is Vice President of Product and Community Development at Economist.com. Prior to joining Economist.com, Ron worked at The Public Theater from 1983-2000 in various roles under Joseph Papp and George C. Wolfe. Ron has produced numerous independent programs for radio, television and the web. Ron is a New York video and photo based artist. His current solo exhibition, Hometown, runs through October 31 at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea.


Anthony Mancini
Anthony Mancini, director of the journalism program at Brooklyn College, is a widely published writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Mancini began his journalism career at the New York Post, starting as a copy boy in college and eventually rising to become a reporter, then an editor. He has also contributed articles to numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, the Washington Post, New York, and Travel & Leisure. In addition to his journalistic work, Mancini has written seven novels, many of which have been reprinted in foreign editions, including in Japanese, German, French and Spanish. His novel Talons was a Literary Guild selection in 1991. Mancini began teaching journalism, composition and creative writing at Brooklyn College in 1980, and has also taught journalism at New York University and the School of Visual Arts. He holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from Fordham University.

Paul Moses
Paul Moses, a veteran New York City journalist, is a journalism professor at Brooklyn College. Before coming to CUNY in 2001, Moses served as city editor of Newsday's New York City edition. He was the lead writer on a New York Newsday team that won the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Reporting and the Society of the Silurians award for breaking news coverage in 1992. He also served as Brooklyn editor, City Hall bureau chief and national religion writer during 17 years at Newsday. Before that, he was a reporter for The Associated Press, covering federal courts in New York and Newark, N.J. He began his daily newspaper career in 1978 at The Dispatch in Union City, N.J. He has written for Commonweal, the Village Voice, America, the Star-Ledger, the Christian Science Monitor and the National Law Journal. He co-authored a book about Pope John Paul II's journey to the Middle East and his essays have appeared in four books. Moses holds an M.F.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a B.A. in Psychology from Brooklyn College.

Jessica Siegel
Jessica Siegel is an assistant professor of journalism and education at Brooklyn College. A former New York City public school teacher, she has freelanced for a variety of publications including The New York Times, Newsday, The Village Voice, Columbia Journalism Review and New Jersey Monthly, focusing on education and the arts. Siegel graduated from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism and was a reporter at The Record in New Jersey and managing editor of Electronic Learning, an education and technology magazine. She has taught journalism at Baruch College, the State University of New York at New Paltz and the College of Staten Island.



Michael Arena
Michael Arena, University Director of Communications and Marketing of the City University of New York, is an associate professor at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. In a newspaper career spanning more than two decades, Mr. Arena was a special writer and investigative reporter covering government and politics for Newsday and New York Newsday. He shared the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News in 1997 for Newsday's team coverage of the fatal, mid-air explosion of TWA Flight 800 and was previously nominated for a Pulitzer for Investigative Reporting for uncovering police wrongdoing in an unsolved, racially motivated murder in Ozone Park, Queens. Mr. Arena's reporting has been honored by the New York State Publishers Association, The Society of the Silurians and other organizations. As Director of Communications and Marketing, he oversees web-based media and communications tools for the University. He was instrumental in developing CUNY's journalism graduate school, has served on faculty, planning and curriculum committees and chairs the annual CUNY Journalism, Broadcast and New Media Conference and Career Fair, and the CUNY/CBS News TV Boot Camp. He received a B.A. in Political Science from City College in 1980 and has taught journalism at Hunter College.


  • The Economist is one of the world's most influential international news and business publications, offering reporting, commentary and analysis on current affairs, business, finance, science and technology, culture, society, media and the arts. The weekly's long-held goal is to "take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress." With a circulation of more than 1 million and a large readership in North America, The Economist is the flagship of The Economist Group, which also comprises Economist.com; Roll Call, which reports on Capitol Hill while Congress is in session, and other publications and information services. North American editorial and business operations are headquartered in New York City.
  • AM New York - A daily, free morning newspaper published in New York City by the Tribune Company, which also publishes Newsday.
  • Amsterdam News - For nearly a century, this weekly newspaper has reported on controversial local issues with a distinct African American voice. Some of the best and brightest figures in African American history have written for the Amsterdam News, including: T. Thomas Fortune, W.E.B. DuBois, Adam Clayton Powell, Roy Wilkins, and Malcolm X.
  • Black Entertainment Television (BET) – a subsidiary of Viacom Inc., is the leading provider of media and entertainment for African-Americans and consumers of black culture globally. The primary BET cable network reaches more than 85 million households and can be seen in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. BET is looking for part-time interns for its news division.
  • Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) - BCAT operates three cable television channels for community use, produces programs of interest to Brooklyn residents and operates a 24-hour bulletin board promoting services and events offered by more than 1,000 Brooklyn-based organizations. BCAT is strongly seeking interns interested in all aspects of television production.
  • BRONXNET – A private, not-for-profit community television station serving the borough of the Bronx.
  • CBS News - CBS 2 is the flagship station of the CBS Television Network, owned and operated by the Viacom Television Stations Group. In addition to CBS 2, VTSG owns and operates CBS television stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Miami, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Detroit, Austin, Dallas and Pittsburgh.
  • CBS Radio – One of the largest major-market operators in the country with stations covering news, alternative rock, oldies, country, talk, classic rock, JACK and urban formats, New York-based CBS Radio operates 140 stations. It is also home to 26 of the country's leading sports franchises including the NFL, NBA, WNBA and the NHL, the New York Yankees, New York Mets and New York Giants.
  • City Limits - First published in 1976 as a newsletter for housing organizations, City Limits quickly evolved into an independent magazine with a reputation for hard-hitting reporting. City Limits is recognized for its authoritative investigations into the city housing, welfare and health care bureaucracies and the criminal justice system, as well as hard-hitting economic and environmental reporting.
  • Clear Channel Communications – Operates 1,100 radio stations reaching 100 million listeners across the 50 states, as well as 240 radio stations outside the U.S. and 800,000 outdoor advertising displays around the world.  Clear Channel’s Premier Radio Networks, Inc., syndicates 90 radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio affiliates, featuring, among others, the personalities Rush Limbaugh, Casey Kasem and Ryan Seacrest.
  • Courier-Life Publications - This longtime Brooklyn newspaper chain is comprised of a dozen publications, including Caribbean Life, that focus on neighborhoods throughout the borough. It is owned by News Corp.
  • Crain's New York - With more than 30 titles, Crain Communications provides news and information to industry leaders and consumers. Its newspapers, magazines and electronic news site are considered authoritative, dependable sources of business news in their respective markets.
  • C-SPAN – Created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service, C-SPAN is a private, non-profit company that provides public access to the political process.
  • CUNY Graduate School of Journalism - The school opened its doors in August 2006. The rigorous three-semester Master of Arts program equips students to work in multi-media newsrooms and to report in specialty areas. Students learn by working in the media capital of the world, taught by veteran reporters and editors. At our new campus in midtown Manhattan, students have access to the latest computer technology, a wireless newsroom, and a digital television and radio broadcast center.
  • DTM - Formerly Dominican Times Magazine, this bilingual magazine focuses on urban trends and Latino culture.
  • Education Update - Founded in 1995 by Dr. Pola Rosen, Education Update is an award-winning, monthly free newspaper reporting on issues, people and events in education from pre-school to graduate school. It has about 200,000 readers.
  • Emmis Communications - Emmis Communications owns and operates radio, television and magazine entities in large and medium sized markets throughout the U.S., where it is the ninth-largest radio group in the U.S. based on listeners. New York City radio stations owned and operated by Emmis include WRKS-FM (98.7 KISS FM), WQHT-FM (HOT 97) and WQCD-FM (CD 101.9).
  • Fox 5 – New York’s Channel 5 has a long history, starting with its founding in 1939 as one of the nation’s first television stations. It is now owned by Fox Television Stations, Inc., a subsidiary of News Corp., one of the world's largest media companies.
  • Independent Press Association - Geared toward the ethnic press, the IPA works to support the independent press to foster a more just, open and democratic society. Through programs such as BigTop Newsstand Services, the Independent Press Development Fund, the George Washington Williams Fellowship, and IPA-New York, the IPA helps its 600-plus member magazines and newspapers to learn from each other, reduce costs and reach a wider audience.
  • Indypendent.org - The Indypendent calls itself "the only truly progressive and anti-war free newspaper in New York City," providing original reporting on local, national and international news, and commentary to about 50,000 print and online readers. Predominantly volunteer-run and funded by individual supporters, ad sales to progressive local enterprises and sales of posters and books, The Indypendent prides itself on providing a forum for social justice groups and "a true alternative to corporate press."
  • Insideschools.org - This is a group of public school parents, children's advocates, journalists and teachers committed to improving public education in New York City by providing a forum for sharing information. By helping parents navigate the bureaucracy, and by encouraging them to lobby for improvements in neighborhood schools, the group seeks to increase support for public education and to make the school system more accessible to parents and more accountable to students.
  • Legislative Gazette - The weekly newspaper covers New York State government and the bustling, influential political arena of Albany, the Empire State's capital.
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network Youth Channel - Established in 2000, MNN Youth Channel aims to give people under age 25 training and experience in television production through free workshops, internships, in-house productions and studio tours. Currently, YC programs 17 hours of youth-produced content per week, broadcast on MNN's Channel 34, and invites applications for Youth Media Impacting Community, a quarterly internship program offering media training and community service experience through partnerships with local grassroots organizations.
  • MTV Networks  - MTV Networks is a division of media conglomerate Viacom that oversees the operation of many TV network and Internet brands, including the first MTV channel. MTV Networks is looking for students who are interested in working as television production interns.
  •  MY9 WWOR-TV – MY9 broadcasts for the New York Designated Market Area (DMA), the No. 1 television market in the nation. My9 is owned by Fox Television Stations, Inc., a subsidiary of News Corp., one of the world's largest media companies.
  • NEWS 12 Networks - Cablevision's News 12 Networks delivers local news 24 hours a day to approximately 3.7 million cable homes in the New York tri-state area. Rainbow Media pioneered the concept of regional news with the launch of the first 24-hour local news network, News 12 Long Island, in 1986. Today, News 12 continues to break ground with six additional 24-hour operations serving Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester, Hudson Valley, Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as News 12 Traffic and Weather.
  • NY1 - NY1 News, Time Warner's 24-hour news channel in New York City, has won wide acclaim for comprehensive coverage of the five boroughs, from its extensive coverage of the 1995 visit of Pope John Paul II, to its unsurpassed coverage of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks and the aftermath. In 1996, NY1 expanded its reach with the launch of NY1.com, which in 2003 was named Best News Website in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region, by the Radio-Television News Directors Association.
  • NYC TV - The flagship channel of the newly formed NYC media group, NYC TV 25 features content highlighting New York City lifestyles, culture and history. Airing on Channel 25, NYC TV reaches approximately 9 million households in the tri-state area.
  • Queens Gazette - This weekly Queens publication has been "dedicated to bringing our readers a vital, more locally-oriented view of the news" for 25 years.
  • Scripps Networks – Since launching HGTV in 1994, Scripps Networks has become the dominant media and marketing company in the home, food and lifestyle categories. Our brands provide relevant ideas, information and entertainment to a passionate audience, delivering content across multiple media platforms – television, the Internet, satellite radio, books, magazines, in-store and the latest mobile and emerging media – to provide value to our distributors and advertisers
  •  Simon & Schuster - Simon & Schuster, Inc. is a global leader in general interest publishing, providing consumers worldwide with a diverse range of quality books and multimedia products across a wide variety of genres and formats. It is the publishing operation of CBS Corp., one of the world's premier media companies.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio - Operating from its Rockefeller Center headquarters, Sirius broadcasts more than 130 digital-quality channels, including 69 channels of commercial-free music and exclusive channels of sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, weather and data. Sirius programming is delivered by three dedicated satellites, is available to subscribers from coast to coast in the U.S., and can be used in cars, trucks, RVs, homes, offices, stores, boats, even outdoors.
  • The Brooklyn Paper - The Brooklyn Paper covers 15 Brooklyn neighborhoods in five editions. GO Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Paper's arts and entertainment section, is included with the newspapers and online at brooklynpaper.com. The Brooklyn Paper is an independent, family-owned business established in 1978.
  • The Network Journal  – Founded in 1993, The Network Journal is dedicated to educating and empowering black professionals and small business owners by providing news and commentary on relevant issues, featuring successful entrepreneurs and highlighting industry trends.
  •  The New York Times - The New York Times Company, a leading media company with 2006 revenues of $3.3 billion, includes The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, 15 other daily newspapers, WQXR-FM and more than 30 Web sites, including NYTimes.com, Boston.com and About.com. The company's core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment. The New York Times Co. has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes and citations.
  • theroot.com – The Root is a daily online magazine that provides commentary on today's news from a variety of black perspectives. The site also hosts an interactive genealogical section to trace one's ancestry through AfricanDNA.com, a DNA testing site co-founded by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who is also The Root's Editor-In-Chief.
  • Thomson Reuters – Powered by Reuters Media, the global news organization, Thomson Reuters provides information to decision-makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, scientific, healthcare and media markets.
  • Time Inc. - With approximately 130 titles, Time Inc. is the largest magazine publisher in the U.S. and U.K., and the third-largest publisher in Mexico. Each month, one out of every two American adults reads a Time Inc. magazine, and more than one out of 10 who are online visit a Time Inc. web site. Every minute, more than 100 Time Inc. titles are sold in the U.S., and each issue of People magazine reaches more than 40 million adults.
  • Time Out New York - This weekly magazine, presenting authoritative listings, engaging features and critical reviews, is a comprehensive arts and entertainment resource in a city overflowing with cultural offerings and around-the-clock options.
  • Transit Transit News - Transit Transit News Magazine is a half-hour PBS TV and syndicated cable television show that reaches 22 million homes in the New York tri-state area. It’s an internship program where students can shoot, edit, write scripts and go on-air as reporters, covering “interesting places, things to do, science, history, neighborhood profiles, mass transit issues and MTA employees.”
  •  Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. - TBS, Inc., a Time Warner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment product around the world, including the groundbreaking CNN network, and the leading provider of programming for the basic cable industry. Based in Atlanta, Ga., and employing more than 9,000 people worldwide, TBS, Inc. is also home to networks including TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies and CourtTV.
  • Uptown Magazine - Upscale lifestyle magazine targeting affluent African Americans.
  • WABC-TV - The American Broadcasting Co.'s New York affiliate, known as ABC 7, began operating on Aug. 10, 1948 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1998. Its programs include live local and national news, talk/variety and game shows, soap operas, entertainment, sports, movies, children's and public affairs.
  • WCBS 2 - WCBS-TV is part of CBS Television Stations, one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country.
  • WNBC 4 - Channel 4 signed on the air as WNBT on July 1, 1941. Notable achievements include intensive coverage of the blizzard of '96 and the centennial Olympic games. On March 8, 1996 WNBC unveiled the first-of-its-kind Skycam Network consisting of high-resolution, remote-controlled cameras perched at key points of interest across the tri-state area. The Skycam Network is used to highlight traffic situations; to check on Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports; to present live pictures of developing weather situations, and to capture breaking news stories.
  • WNJU Telemundo - Owned by NBC Universal, WNJU (Channel 47) is the flagship station of the Spanish-language Telemundo television network. It services the New York metropolitan area from studios in Fort Lee, N.J.
  • WNYC Radio - WNYC 93.9 FM and AM 820 are New York's premier public radio stations, broadcasting the finest programs from National Public Radio and Public Radio International, as well as award-winning signature local programming. Together reaching more than 1 million listeners weekly, WNYC FM offers a broad range of daily news, talk, cultural and classical music programming, while WNYC AM 820 maintains a stronger focus on breaking news and international/ global news reporting.
  • WOR Radio - Founded in 1922, WOR 710 HD is New York's oldest, privately-owned and continuously-operated radio station. WOR provides a well-rounded schedule of informational and lifestyle programming featuring personalities such as Joe Bartlett, Donna Hanover, Joan Hamburg, Dr. Joy Browne, Bill O'Reilly, Ellis Henican, Lynne White, Michael Savage, Dr. Ronald Hoffman, and Joey Reynolds.


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The Economist- The Economist is one of the world's most influential international news and business magazines, offering reporting, commentary and analysis on current affairs, business, finance, science and technology, culture, society, media and the arts. The Economist reserves paid internships exclusively for CUNY students in marketing and editorial; apply now open for summer 2009.

Adobe Systems - Adobe is a world leader in high-impact digital communication software, providing tools for new media practitioners that make documents, graphics, podcasts and videos pop on any platform. Its flagship products include Acrobat, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.


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