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AIChE Donald Q. Kern Award for energy conversion

ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award and ASME Melville Medal (ASME’s highest literature award)

ANS Technical Achievement Award

IChemE Danckwerts Lecturership

Mitsubishi Professor Tokyo University

Burgers Professor University of Delft

Dow-Sharma Professor University of Mumbai

Danckwerts Memorial Lecture to Chemical Engineering Science/Institution of Chemical Engineers in London

American Society of Chemical Engineers’ Melville Medal

UICT Golden Jubilee Fellow, University of Bombay

United Phosphorous Ltd Medal & Distinguished Lecturer, IIChem E

Honorary Fellow, IIChemE

Annual Guest Lecture, Council for Chemical Research, the Netherlands

Seymour Cray Prize (Italy), with two Italian collaborators

Neaman Lecturer, Israel Institute of Technology (TECHNION), 1985/86

Fellow, American Nuclear Society (ANS)