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Mark Kobrak

Mark N. Kobrak

Brooklyn College

Phone: (718) 951-5758

Research Interest

Room-temperature ionic liquids.

MARK N. KOBRAK is an associate professor of chemistry at Brooklyn College. He earned a BA from Northwestern University in chemistry and integrated science and an MS and a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Chicago. As a theoretical physical chemist, he is interested in room-temperature ionic liquids. These materials represent a novel class of low-melting salts and have physical properties that make them potentially valuable in energy applications. They have been studied for use as electrolytes in novel battery and capacitor systems and dye-sensitized solar cells, and their ability to solubilize cellulose raises the possibility of using them as solvents for biofuels processing. Kobrak’s work centers on understanding how these materials function at the molecular level, with the goal of identifying principles that can be used to optimize these materials to particular tasks.