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Hiroshi Matsui

Hiroshi Matsui

Hunter College

Phone: (212) 650-3918

Research Interest

The integration of nanotechnology and biotechnology.

HIROSHI MATSUI, a professor at Hunter College in the department of chemistry and biochemistry, has a BS from Sophia University in chemistry; an MS from Stanford University in materials science and engineering; a PhD from Purdue University in chemistry; and was a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry at Columbia University.

He is interested in the integration of nanotechnology and biotechnology because biomimetics in nanoscale could solve a variety of scientific and engineering problems. Nature can exhibit superior performance in various aspects of engineering over manmade technologies. For example, the harnessing of biological processes such as self-assembly, catalytic activity, molecular recognition, solar energy conversion, information processing, logics and mechanical motion can be more advanced than purely synthetic systems. Matsui applies biological systems to solve various problems in energy, electronics, sensors and medical applications supported by the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. His research interests include electric device fabrication using peptides and proteins (assembly of peptides and proteins into nanowires and their self-assembly into logic gates and transistors for computer chips via molecular recognition), biosensors (electrical sensors built from peptide nanowires and antibodies for pathogens/cancer detection), and core-shell quantum dots (using peptides and proteins as a catalytic template for room-temperature growth of semiconductors).