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Devon Branch-Elliman

Devon Branch-Elliman

The City College of New York
Business Development Associate, CUNY Energy Institute

Telephone: (212) 650-8204

DEVON BRANCH-ELLIMAN serves as the Business Development Associate for the CUNY Energy Institute. Devon is advancing the CUNY Energy Institute’s nuclear energy program through expanding government and industry relations. She is gathering support for the Institute’s undergraduate nuclear engineering program as well as its graduate-level research on light-water reactor simulations. As the only engineering school offering undergraduate nuclear engineering courses within the tri-state area, CCNY has great opportunities to partner with nearby utilities, merchants, and vendors. The CUNY Energy Institute’s nuclear program is an important part of its overall mission to reduce the carbon intensity of the US energy sector because nuclear power is the country’s greatest source of carbon-free energy. Ms. Branch-Elliman also supervises publicity related to the Institute’s activities to further the development of business relationships and support for the Institute’s energy storage and oil/gas research areas.

Devon received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Stanford University in 2008. During college and after, she worked in finance for statewide campaigns within New York State, gaining experience and important political contacts. After serving as a Deputy Field Organizer and Special Assistant to the New York State Director of the Obama for America campaign, Devon moved to Washington, DC for two years to work as a Research Associate at an energy consulting firm led by the Chairman of the Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee and former Deputy Secretary of Energy, Bill Martin. There, Devon learned about sustainable energy and energy analysis, reported to clients on relevant legislation, and worked on special projects for various energy-related agencies. As a New York City native, Devon was very excited to move back home in 2010 to expand the CUNY Energy Institute’s profile throughout the city, state, and country.