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Ann Marie Scuderi

Ann Marie Scuderi

The City College of New York
Management Services Officer, CUNY Energy Institute

Telephone: (212) 650-5376

ANN MARIE SCUDERI serves as the Management Services Officer of the CUNY Energy Institute. Ann Marie identifies new business opportunities, new markets, and new partnerships to improve the scope and outreach of the Institute. After studying Philosophy at William Paterson University of New Jersey, new hire Ms. Scuderi went on to pursue a career in renewable energy. Hired to assist the Director with management and business development Ann Marie brings experience in start-ups and renewable power sources.

From 2008-2010, Ann Marie served as the Research Director for Park Place Renewable Energy Group, a fund for solar investment in New Jersey. During her time with Park Place, she was responsible for following current environmental policy and adjusting various policy-driven financial models leveraged for solar installations throughout the state. The solar market in New Jersey has been rapidly expanding as state mandated energy initiatives have created some of the highest renewable portfolio standards in the country. As a result, New Jersey, a relatively small state with unexceptional solar resources, currently has the second-most solar installations of any state in the country. Thus, Ann Marie knows well the importance of energy policy in driving business opportunities; she brings this perspective to the CUNY Energy Institute team.