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Ali Firouzi

Ali Firouzi

The City College of New York
Director of Battery Projects, CUNY Energy Institute

Telephone: (212) 650-8295

ALI FIROUZI: As Director of the Energy Institute’s battery projects, Ali Firouzi leads all of the electrical storage and battery programs within the CUNY Energy Institute.  Dr. Firouzi is a world-class scientist as well as a superb manager.  Ali received his Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering at University of Minnesota, arguably one of the highest-ranked institutes in the field, at top of his class.  His PhD related publications at University of California, Santa Barbara is one of the most highly cited, with over 3000 citations.

Instead of pursuing an academic career, Ali joined the industry, most recently with the cleantech start-up company Deeya Energy Inc., which makes flow batteries with immediate applications in emerging economies.  As a co-founder, he helped raise over $52MM.  Ali served as VP of Engineering and Chief Scientist and was responsible for developing, designing, fabricating, and deploying first generation systems.