October 28th, 2011

Global Studies Workshop 

Friday, Oct. 28th

GSW "coffee talk" set the stage for today's workshop.  Students read the paper, ate breakfast and discussed their lives and ideas. The Friday workshops are consistently being graced with 12-15 CTA and college students - an amazing group of young people, who are voluntarily coming to school on a Friday!!   

An introductory study of German culture and language was at the top of today's agenda.  Using CP's cool, new iPads, students research the artistic aspects of Germany, and, particularly the language. We collectively watched clips of German films and the students each  identified phrases, words or 'sayings' that would allow them to communicate in German.  There was a 'tag wall' where they were asked to write up the phrases they chose and share them with the class.  It was a great exercise! 

The focus then shifted from new languages, to the students words and voices.  Specifically, students were asked to think, write and articulate "What I See".  Their words were captured in their blogs and shared in what eventually turned into an amazing cypher. Especially, with Mr Foreman's guidance and energy, students were able to step up and share their words and rhymes.

It was awesome! And, we discovered that there is some serious talent in the room.