Founded in 2003, CUNY Prep’s mission is to develop learners who have the academic, personal and social skills necessary for higher education. We serve students ages 16-18 who have left traditional high schools, helping them to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma and move on to success in college.   We want our graduates to have access to a greater range of opportunities and go on to become active participants in community and civic affairs.

At CUNY Prep, we establish a college-going culture that starts the moment our students walk through our doors and continues through their college graduation. From orientation conversations on the need for higher education to our college-prep curriculum and instructional practices to College Transition Academy and support services at Hostos Community College, CUNY Prep has a singular focus: college success. 

CUNY Prep is fully funded by the Center for Economic Opportunity, which funds about 40 initiatives in some 20 sponsoring agencies aimed at reducing the number of working poor, young adults and children living in poverty in New York City. Its funding has given us the stability we need to continually improve our program and maintain an exceptional instructional environment for our students.