CAT Users

CUNY Faculty, Researchers and Students:  The CUNY CAT supports the CUNY research community through a wide variety of programs and initiatives.  These include building relationships between University faculty and industry scientists and engineers, providing matching funds to augment research funding provided by industry and creating an entrepreneurial environment through training and incentives.

Please see CAT Programs listings and News & Events for more information.

Below please find the presentations from the October 2013 CAT Scientist Meeting which provide a summary of CAT operations, plans, and a general overview. 

CAT Overview <pdf>, presented by Dr. Myron Wecker:

CAT Plans and Operations <pdf>, presented by Dr. David Crouse

CAT Business Development <pdf>, presented by Wayne Seemungal

CUNY Technology Commercialization Office, <pdf> presented by Needa Mitra

CUNY 20/20 update IUMIC Proposal <pdf>, presented by Dr. David Crouse