SBIR/ STTR Incentive Program

The City University of New York Center for Advanced Technology


The City University of New York Center for Advanced Technology (CUNY CAT) is dedicated to commercial development of innovative technology.  Our mission is to advance fundamental and applied research, development, and technology transfer through strong industry-university collaborations.  Federal SBIR/STTR awards are an important source of funding for start-up ventures and small businesses, and the CUNY CAT offers assistance and guidance to CUNY Faculty who collaborate with companies to seek these awards.  In addition, to support our specific objective of providing economic impact to New York, the following targeted SBIR/STTR Incentive Program has been implemented for full-time faculty who assist companies within the State with SBIR/STTR applications.

Policy on Incentive Awards for Faculty participation in Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) Phase I Applications by New York State companies


(i)              Rationale.  To encourage full-time CUNY Faculty to serve as PI on STTR or coPI on SBIR Phase I applications submitted by a small business located in New York State, the CUNY CAT may provide supplemental financial support in the form of summer salary reimbursement.

(ii)             Requirements for Support.  Full-time Faculty members must serve as STTR PI or SBIR coPI for a New York small business and work with the CUNY CAT during the preparation of a new, unique Phase I application to be eligible for support.  It is presumed that the Faculty member will serve as PI or coPI on future Subcontracts to CUNY funded through any resulting  SBIR/STTR contract. 

(iii)            Primary Incentive Award.  Upon meeting these requirements and providing to the CUNY CAT evidence of a successful electronic submission and a final electronic version of the Phase I application, the Faculty member will be eligible to receive an incentive payment of $1,000.00 from the CUNY CAT in the form of summer salary. The Faculty member must request this summer salary supplement to be paid within 12 months of this submission date. 

(iV)            Secondary Incentive Award.  Upon providing evidence of attainment by the company of funding in the form of a Phase I Notification of Award of an SBIR or STTR contract, the Faculty member may be eligible to receive an additional $1,000.00 of summer salary from the CUNY CAT.  Secondary Support is subject to the requirement stated in paragraph (v) below. The Faculty member must request this summer salary supplement to be paid within 12 months of the Notification of Award. 

(v)             Requirement of CAT subcontract.  For the Faculty member to obtain a Secondary Award, the New York State company awarded Phase I SBIR/STTR funding must partner with CUNY on a Sponsored Research Agreement with a CUNY CAT subcontract of at least $20,000.00.

(vi)             Project Cost Sharing.  In addition to the Secondary Award incentive payment resulting from a successful Phase I application and subcontract, the Sponsored Research Agreement funded from the award to the small NY business will be eligible for consideration for Matching Funding from the CUNY CAT (“CAT Match”) that may be above and beyond the standard matching level.

(vii)           Exclusions.  The Faculty member may NOT (a) receive more than one Primary Incentive Award per CUNY fiscal year for a given Application, or (b) submit identical or similar applications for consideration for Incentive Awards.

(viii)          Additional Issues.  a) Only one Primary Incentive Award will be given per application.  Teams of Faculty may share the Award but this decision and its implementation is the responsibility of the PI/coPI.  Sharing of an Award will not increase the amount of the Award. (b) Faculty may submit requests for multiple Primary Incentive Awards (up to a maximum of three over a two-year period, or more if applications have been successful and resulted in CAT subcontracts) as long as the applications involve significantly different technologies.  Support of multiple Incentive Awards is solely at the discretion of the CUNY CAT.