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"Autonomous Motors Of A Metal–Organic Framework Powered By Reorganization Of Self-Assembled Peptides At Interfaces ", Y. Ikezoe,  G.Washino,  T. Uemura,  S. Kitagawa,  H. Matsui,  Nature Materials 11,  1081-1085,  (2012).

"Chiral fibres: Adding twist ", V. I. Kopp,  A. Z. Genack,  Nature Photonics 5,  470,  (2011).

"Exciton Lattice polaritons in multiple quantum well based photonic crystals ", D. Goldberg,  L. Deych,  A. Lisyansky,  Z. Shi,  V. Tokranov,  M. Yakimov,  S. Oktyabrsky,  V. M. Menon,  Nature Photonics 3,  662,  (2009).

"Topological transitions in metamaterials ", H. Krishnamoorthy,  Z. Jacob,  I. Kretzschmar,  E. Narimanov,  V. M. Menon,  Science 336,  205,  (2012).

"Towards polaritonic logic circuits ", V.M. Menon,  L.I. Deych,  A. Lisyansky,  Nature Photonics 4,  345,  (2010).

"Transmission Eigenvalues and the Bare Conductance in the Crossover to Anderson Localization ", Z. Shi,  A. Z. Genack,  Physical Review Letters 108,  043901,  (2012).

"Transport through modes in random media ", J. Wang,  A. Z. Genack,  Nature 471,  345-348,  (2011).

Popular News

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