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Education & Outreach

Advancing public understanding of high-end science

A center dedicated to science in the public interest, the ASRC will be a research building that opens its doors to the public. It will promote science understanding and education and be a visible link to the community.

School groups and the general public will visit the ground-floor education center, where dazzling interactive media and hands-on displays showcase the science being conducted in the ASRC’s five initiatives. Among the features planned are real-time video and data feeds from ASRC facilities such as the cleanroom and the Environmental CrossRoads initiative’s rooftop remote sensing platform. The center will present public talks by ASRC scientists in the adjacent 30-seat seminar room and the center’s auditorium.

Discovery Center


A New Era of Scientific Inquiry at CUNY

Opening in 2014, the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center will bring the nation's largest urban public university to a landmark moment in its decade-long, multibillion-dollar commitment to innovative science.

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