Featured Researcher: John Ruano-Salguero


As a participant in the 2012 CUNY Summer Undergraduate Research Program, John Ruano-Salguero worked with Lane Gilchrist in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at CCNY.  John transferred to CCNY from La Guardia Community College in Fall 2011 and will be a second semester junior this year.  Before joining the Chemical Engineering department at City College he worked in the electrophysiology facility at LaGCC with Dr. Ivan Rivera-Torres.


Because of his outstanding performance in chemistry, Dr. Rivera-Torres asked John to become his research assistant and he quickly learned the techniques involved in electrophysiology. John attests that his decision to pursue chemical engineering was a direct result of the research he did with Dr. Rivera-Torres.  John said that he spent the first couple weeks of the C-SURP program shadowing a graduate student in order to learn how to use the confocal microscope equipment. After this training period, Dr. Gilchrist came into the lab one day and asked John if he wanted to develop his own project, and John said he already knew exactly what he wanted to do.



John’s research in Dr. Gilchrist’s lab focused on developing a novel method to replicate the asymmetry of lipids found in cell membranes using biochemical methods. Cell membranes are comprised of different types of lipids and these are often assembled in an asymmetric fashion in a lipid bilayer.  John developed scaffolds using silica microspheres (lipobeads) as a platform for constructing this asymmetric bilayer. John plans to continue working with Dr. Gilchrist during the upcoming academic year and expand his research with lipobeads. John found the C-SURP experience to be very rewarding and plans to pursue a doctorate in chemical engineering.



              The 2012 C-SURP participants