Marketing Abstracts

Click on any of the links below to open a one-page Marketing Abstract. For further information please contact
Douglas Adams in the Technology Commercialization Office.

Antimicrobial Working Surfaces on Solid Objects, Fabrics, and in Fluids <pdf> - Robert Engel

Improving Patient Safety in Critical Care/ Disaster / Surge <pdf> - Mohamed Saad

Electrical Stimulation Device for Motor Function Recovery (e.g., Spinal Cord Injury) <pdf> - Zaghloul Ahmed

High Contrast, High Saturation and Low Cost Laser Based Projection Display System <pdf> - Nicholas Madamopoulos

Surveillance Method and System for Discrimination of Target versus Fixed Objects <pdf> - Ioannis Stamos

A Large-scale Heat Storage in Coal Fired Steam Power Plants <pdf> - Reuel Shinnar

Compositions and Methods for Regulating the Biosynthesis of Isopreniods and Carotenoid <pdf> - Juergen Polle

New methods for treating Atherosclerosis <pdf> - John Tarbell

MOG-Graphene Composites <pdf>- Terasa Bandosz

Energy Storage in an IGCC Coal Power Plant <pdf> - Reuel Shinnar

A Large-Scale Heat Storage For Solar / Conventional Power Plants <pdf> - Reuel Shinnar

Novel Machine and Method for Making Slow-Melting, Super-Cooled, Non-Separating Ices from
Fresh Walter, Salt Water or Beverages
<pdf> - Mike Zevlakis

Non-toxic, Recyclable, Room Temperature Gelation Agents for Oil Spill Recovery, Cosmetics, & Food Products <pdf> - George John

Accelerated Drug Discovery in Cancer, Inflammation and Pain <pdf> - David Gruber

Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment: Proprietary Plant-based Compound Can Improve and Extend Life of Off Patent Drugs <pdf> - Linda Einbond

Compact Gel Documentation System Pro <pdf> - Farshad Tamari

Effective & Tolerated Cancer Treatment Plant Derived Nanoparticle Complexes Containing Triterpene Glycosides
or Triterpenes
<pdf> - Linda Einbond

Plant-based Compounds with Anti-Neoplastic Properties <pdf> - Linda Einbond

Time Reversal Optical Tomography (TROT) <pdf> - Binlin Wu, Wei Cai, Swapan K. Gayen

Lutein Production in Microorganisms <pdf> - Eleanore Wurtzel

Stress Resistant Plants and Algae <pdf> - Eleanore Wurtzel

Enhanced Cartenoid Production <pdf> - Eleanore Wurtzel

Targeting Breast Cancer with Nanoparticle Actein Coated with Herceptin <pdf> - Linda Einbond

Nanoparticle Surface Treatment and Prevention of Dewetting <pdf> - Barry Van Tassell

Synthesis and Applications of Novel Curcumin or Tetrahydrocurcumin <pdf> - Krishnaswami Raja

Fragrant Aldehydes with New Odor Character <pdf> - Kevin Ryan

Scavenger Receptor Uptake for Fabry Disease Enzyme Replacement Therapy <pdf> - David H. Calhoun