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Technology Commercialization Office
555 W. 57th Street, Suite 1407
New York, NY 10019
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Our Mission

It is the mission of the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) to encourage, protect, market and license worthy innovations at our various campuses and centers. <read more>
The TCO facilitates transfer of CUNY innovations to industry by nurturing collaboration between academia and industry, by championing sponsored research at various facilities within the University, by licensing of CUNY intellectual property to sponsors and other industry partners, and by supporting formation of new start-up companies. In so doing, the TCO fosters economic development both in our local and global communities.

What We Do

The TCO champions transfer of CUNY innovations to the commercial marketplace.  This starts with an innovation from any one of our many campuses.
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The TCO receives new technology disclosures (NTDs) from CUNY faculty, students and staff, evaluates these disclosures for their commercial potential and markets and licenses worthy innovations, with the help of local entrepreneurs and investors, both for public benefit and private gain.

We typically begin by reviewing details of an invention with the inventor to learn about potential applications. The TCO, often in conjunction with the University IP Committee, then evaluates and develops a protection and marketing strategy. We consider the technical and market risks and decide whether to patent the invention, or perhaps to rely on copyright protection, and we explore whether to license the technology to an existing company or to form a new CUNY spinoff company.

Together with the inventors, we initiate contact with the marketplace, including companies that might be interested in licensing the right to use an invention and/or interested in sponsoring further research in an invention. The goal is to negotiate and secure a licensing agreement, bringing in cash royalties that are shared with the inventors and their departments and colleges, as well as with the university, according to a generous royalty sharing policy (per CUNY Intellectual Property Policy), as well as encouraging further sponsored research.

Although patentable inventions do constitute the majority of TCO's licensing activities, we also handle matters involving copyright (software), trademark licensing and tangible research material transfers. As such, the TCO is responsible for crafting various agreements, from term sheets, option agreements, licensing agreements, as well as confidentiality agreements (CDA).  Please note that material transfer agreements (MTA), and sponsored research agreements (SRA), are handled by the Research Foundation of CUNY


Who We Are

Douglas Adams,
(917) 515-0529

Neeti Mitra
Senior Manager, Industrial Liaison and Licensing

Marceline Dickson,
Office Manager

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