2011 CUNY Structural Biology Workshop




The CUNY Structural Biology Workshop is the third in a series of University-wide workshops addressing disciplines linked to the founding of the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC).

The day will function as a showcase for structural biology research at CUNY with short talks given by faculty, and a poster session for students and postdocs.

The goal of the workshop is to build community among CUNY faculty working in structural biology by fostering research collaborations and raising awareness about funding opportunities. It also will allow the wider scientific community to become familiar with the work of CUNY's structural biologists.

The workshop will feature two outside speakers from the National Institutes of Health: Dr. Carole Bewley, Chief of the Natural Products Chemistry Section, NIDDK, and Dr. Ward Smith, Chief of the Structural Genomics and Proteomics Technology Branch, NIGMS.

Online registration for the workshop and poster session will close at 5:00pm, Friday, May 20.

For additional information on the event, contact Dr. Avrom Caplan, Associate University Dean for Research.

Phone: 212.794.5444

Email: avrom.caplan@mail.cuny.edu


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