2010 CUNY Environmental Sciences Forum


2010 CUNY Environmental Sciences Forum
across disciplines, across scales, and across town

Monday, November 8, 2010
CUNY Graduate Center

The CUNY Environmental Sciences Forum is one of a series of workshops thematically linked to the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) that is currently under construction.  Environmental science is one of the key areas of the ASRC, which will also house scientists working in nanotechnology, neuroscience, photonics and structural biology.

The goal of the workshop series is to build community among CUNY faculty working in these areas.  The CUNY Environmental Sciences Forum, will be held at the Graduate Center on November 8th and will include presentations from four outside speakers and from CUNY faculty.

The outside speakers including Dr. Robert Corell, Chair of the Climate Action Initiative,  Dr. Franco Einaudi, former head of the Goddard Space Flight Center, Dr. Anna Kerttula de Echave from the National Science Foundation, and Dr. Eric Sanderson, Associate Director of the Living Landscapes Program will provide insight into future research opportunities. Participants will present their research during the breakouts and in the poster sessions <pdf>.

Click here <pdf> for the list of poster abstracts.

For additional information on the event, contact Dr. Avrom Caplan, Associate University Dean for Research.

Phone: 212.794.5444

Email: avrom.caplan@mail.cuny.edu

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