2014 Workshop Program


A One-Day Workshop in Pedagogical Research Design

January 14, 2013

Borough of Manhattan Community College


Morning Session







Dr. Gillian Small – Vice Chancellor for Research, CUNY

Opening Remarks




Logic Models as a Tool for Planning and Assessing Grant Projects  (click to download zip)

Dr. Michael J. Anderson, Director of Academic Assessment, Brooklyn College




Breakout Sessions

Case Studies in Pedagogical Research

Learning Communities (click to download zip)

Colleen Sommo, Young Adults and Postsecondary Education Policy, MDRC

Service Learning <ppt>

Dr. Regina Rochford, Basic Educational Skills, QCC

Dr. Amy Traver, Social Sciences, QCC

Remedial/Developmental Education  (click to download zip)

Dr. Nikki Edgecombe, Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University 






Afternoon Session




IRB Roundtable

Farida Lada – Director for Research Compliance, CUNY

Rachel Torres (BMCC), Kathleen Offenholly (BMCC) 

IRB and Redagogical Research: A C3IRG Awardee Perspective













Poster Session

Previous C3IRG Winners

Game-based Learning: Evaluating a 21st-century Pedagogy for CUNY Community Colleges

-Kathleen Offenholley

-Francesco Crocco

-Carlos Hernandez

Health Literacy Knowledge and Experiences of Community College Nursing Students: A Pedagogical Study

-Rachel Torres

-Jacqueline Nichols

An investigation of Prior Experience and Course Type as Factors Affecting Online STEM Student Retention and Success

-Kay Conway

-Claire W. Wladis

-Alyse C. Hachey <pdf>

A Cross CUNY Collaboration to Assess the Impact of Service-Learning on Community College Students

-Sharon S. Ellerton <pdf>

-Peter Fiume

-Debra Abston


-Figueroa Figueroa

Super-resolution Microscopy to Study Cell Division

-Urszula Patrycja Golebiewska

-Chiaki Yanagisawa

Assessing the Impact of Digital Storytelling in the Public Speaking Classroom

-Benjamin D. Powell

-Brianne Waychoff <pdf>

-Elizabeth Whitney

Improving the Teaching and Learning of English Language Learners: Testing the Aural and Oral Model

-Kate Garretson

-Gisela Jia <pdf>

-David Costello

The knowledge of collocations among learners of English as a second language (ESL) and its relation to progress in remedial English writing

-Tomonori Nagano

-Martin Chodorow

Value of Cogenerative Dialogues in STEM Learning

  -Brahmadeo Dewprashad <ppt>

Problem Solving in Remedial Mathematics: A Jumpstart to Reform

-Bronislaw Czarnocha

-William Baker

-Olen Dias