Round 19 Funded Proposals

Proposal Title


Building Nanoscale Epitaxial Heterostructures of Topological Superconductors

Lia Krusin, City College of New York
Maria Tamargo, City College of New York
Aidong Shen, City College of New York

Deciphering the Nutritional Goals of Baboons across Africa: Unraveling the Roles of Phylogeny and Ecology

Jessica Rothman, Hunter College
Larissa Swedell, Queens College

A Multi-Sensor / Multi-Frequency Remote Sensing Observations Data Fusion fo Monitoring Deforestation in the Amazon

Hamidreza Norouzi, New York City College of Technology
Kyle McDonald
, City College of New York

Deciphering the ‘Contradition’ Between Availability of Reproductive Health Serivces and Unintended Adolescent Pregnancy: Role of Life Experiences and Goals

Diana Romero, Hunter College
Carol F. Roye, Hunter College

Social Rejection as a Precursor to Unethical Decision-Making

Kristin Sommer, Baruch College
Mary Kern, Baruch College

Time-Resolved Complex Network Analysis of EEG Signals During Sleep and Video Watching

Hernan A. Makse, City College of New York
Lucas Parra, City College of New York

Role of Nucleolin in Regulating mRNA Stability During DNA Damage Response

Anjana Saxena, Brooklyn College
Frida Kleiman, Hunter College

Mechanisms of Mold-Induced Brain Inflammation and Cognitive Deficits

Cheryl Harding, Hunter College
Carolyn Pytte
, Queens College
Noel Goddard, Hunter College

Quantifying Best Practice Patterns of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educators Relative to Audiological Perspectives via Videotape Analysis

Elaine Gale, Hunter College
Donald Vogel, Hunter College

Group-Theoretic Learning with Errors Problems

Nelly Fazio, City College of New York
Vladimir Shpilrain
, City College of New York
William E. Skeith
, City College of New York

An Interdisciplinary Study of Collaboration and Creativity: What Artists Offer Secondary and Post-Secondary Instruction

David Allen, College of Staten Island
Jason Wirtz
, Hunter College