Research in the Classroom




Our mission is to expand the scope of the research endeavor at CUNY by broadening participation of undergraduate students. The traditional ‘apprentice’ model encourages students to work in a laboratory setting or one-on-one with a professor. Our goal is to take faculty research directly to students in the classroom by creating a research-integrated curriculum. 

Research in the Classroom: Idea grant Competition


Submission deadline is Friday, September 9, 2016

Faculty often view research and teaching as two distinct scholarly endeavors. And yet, there is compelling evidence that incorporating authentic research activities into classroom teaching benefits both students and faculty. While the apprentice model for mentored student research is still a gold standard, participation in undergraduate research can be effectively expanded using curriculum-based methods.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research is offering grants that will be awarded on a competitive basis to fund innovative ideas for incorporating authentic research projects into the undergraduate curriculum. Successful projects will be implemented into new or existing courses and must incorporate a researchable aim. For the purposes of this competition, authentic research is defined as a plan for seeking answers to a research question for which the outcome is unknown. The research question should be based on the expertise of the PI, and should involve the development of new avenues of inquiry.

Proposals should include a discussion of the research question and how it will be operationalized in a course-based context. Awardees will be expected to implement their new course design in the winter/spring 2016 or fall 2016 semester. Proposals should also include a section on how student outcomes will be assessed. The grants will be for $7,500 (in Tax Levy funds) which can be used for course release and/or research supplies.

More information on research in the classroom ideas can be found in a recent report from the National Academies Press, which can be downloaded without cost here.


  Idea Grant Guidelines <pdf>

Note: Please read carefully for eligibility and the online submission process.

Idea Grant Proposal Template <docx>