CUNY is actively fostering an institutional culture that supports entrepreneurship. The University is accelerating its efforts to commercialize faculty discoveries, with the added goal of fueling economic development in New York City and State. The University provides a variety of training and logistical support services for faculty members who are interested in technology transfer and entrepreneurial ventures.

CUNY Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)

Established in 2004 by the Office of the Vice Chancel­lor for Research, the TCO receives new technology disclosures and evaluates them for their commercial potential, facilitates the transfer of CUNY intellectual property by nurturing collaborations with industry, develops a protection and marketing strat­egy with inventors through patent and copyright pro­tection, and supports the formation of start-up com­panies.

New York City Regional Innovation Node (NYCRIN)

The New York City Regional Innovation Node (NYCRIN) is a network of 25 leading universities in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania area that supports regional needs for innovation education, infrastructure and research. NYCRIN is working to build, utilize, and sustain a national innovation ecosystem that further enhances the development of technologies, products, and processes that benefit society. By providing the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps training, NYCRIN prepares teams of researchers for transitioning their emerging technology concepts into valuable new products through public-private partnerships.

CUNY Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CUNY is in the process of establishing a Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that will encourage the development and commercialization of novel and cutting-edge research by providing entrepreneurship training to faculty and students. At its core, the Hub will be a business incubator, offering professional mentorship as well as an array of collaborative and supportive services. Initially it will occupy space that can accommodate about 20 start-up companies.

PowerBridgeNY - New York City Clean Economy Center for Proof-of-Concept

CUNY, in partnership with New York Polytechnic Institute of New York (NYU-Poly), received a grant from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to form a Proof of Concept Center (POCC) dedicated to helping New York State inventors and scientists turn their high-tech, clean-energy ideas into successful businesses. The organization, called PowerBridge, is an important motor for creating and fostering transformational entrepreneurship. 

CUNY Center for Advanced Technology (CUNY CAT)

The CUNY CAT promotes industry-university collaborative research and development and spurs industrial economic impact through applied research, technology transfer in commercial arenas and encouragement of faculty entrepreneurship. Since 1993, CUNY-CAT has been leveraging State (NYSTAR) funding to facilitate sponsored research agreements between CUNY faculty and NYS companies. The CUNY CAT supports important applied research, particularly in studies involving applications of photonics and other light-enabled technologies, by providing access to CUNY staff and facilities, training scientists and engineers and nurturing small, start-up companies.