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New York State Approves Stimulus Matching Funds for key ARRA Projects

Governor David Paterson announced the New York State Innovation Economy Matching Grants Program that has approved 10% matching funds for a number of ARRA generated funding opportunities.

Update: NYSTAR Executive Director, Edward Reinfurt, informed applicants of the Innovation Economy Matching Grants program this week that no new commitments of State funds are being made in light of a State budget not being adopted by April 1, 2010.

Read the April 1, 2010 NYSTAR e-Newsletter <pdf>

See a list of current eligible solicitations below, or visit the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) website for updates on approved Innovation Economy Matching Grants solicitations.

To apply for a matching fund commitment letter, please go to the New York State Innovation Economy Matching Grants Program New York State Recovery website.

NYS Approves New Stimulus Matching Funds for ARRA Solicitations

The New York State Economic Recovery and Investment Cabinet is pleased to
announce that it has approved the following solicitations for matching funds:

Comparative Effectiveness Delivery System Demonstration Grants (R18)(RFA-HS-10-013)
This FOA invites Research Demonstration and Dissemination Grant (R18) applications from organizations to conduct demonstrations of (1) broad strategies and/or specific interventions for improving care by redesigning care delivery, or (2) strategies and interventions for improving care by redesigning payment.
Approximately $12 million will be made available for this program.
Applications are due April 7, 2010.

If you are applying for any of these solicitations, a request for a State 10% matching commitment letter can be obtained by applying at http://www.nystar.state.ny.us/matching/form.htm .
For a list of expired New York State Matching Grants opportunities, see HERE