Portal "My Page" FAQs

'My Page' on CUNY’s Portal

When you register with CUNY’s portal and login, you are shown a default page —‘My Page’— that displays several blank modules: bookmarks, text and tasks. You can edit these default modules, change the modules displayed or move the modules for a different display.

Editing ‘My Page’ Modules

At the top right corner of the Bookmark and Text Pad modules are two ‘buttons’: ‘edit’ which allows you to the edit the content of the module, and ‘x’ which closes the module, removing it from ‘My Page’. Don’t be alarmed if you click on the ‘x’ by mistake. Although it immediately closes the module and removes it from ‘My Page’, you can open it again by clicking on the ‘Edit Content’ link at the top right of the page. All the information you created in the module is still there.

Bookmark: You can add any number of your favorite bookmarks here: Apple, CNN, NY Times, you name it! While you can only add three at a time, you can edit the list whenever you wish to add more of your favorite links. And of course you can delete or change these bookmarks at any time. You can also choose to have these links open a new browser window, or use the same window to display your link by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the module while you are editing its content. When you make changes to your Bookmark module, be sure to click on the Update button at the bottom of the Edit view to save your changes.

Text Pad: Write anything you please, a note to yourself, phone numbers, whatever. You can even use simple HTML tags in the text pad. When you make changes to your Text Pad module, be sure to click on the Update button at the bottom of the Edit view to save your changes.

Task List: This list allows you to create a to do list. You may want to use it to list tasks required for applying to CUNY, papers to write, appointments, or plans with friends. It’s up to you. The Task List Options link allows you to control how many of your tasks are displayed by default upon login. You may want the default, which shows up to three tasks, and then use the View All link at the bottom of the module to see a complete list of your tasks. Or you can change the default number of tasks shown by clicking on the Options link and changing your preferences. When you make changes to your Task List module, be sure to click on the Save or Save & Update button at the bottom of the Edit view to save your changes.

Adding and Changing Modules and Categories Displayed

CUNY’s portal hosts a tremendous amount of information related to your life at CUNY, whether you are a student, faculty or staff. When you click on the Edit Content link at the top right of My Page, you will see numerous categories, each with a list of links: Alumni and Visitors, Colleges and Programs, Current Students, Faculty and Staff and Prosepctive Students. Each of these categories has a number of links you will find helpful. Choose those most relevant to your current status. You can add and change these links at any time. No more roaming around for those critical connections!

Arranging the Layout of Modules – Move Content

My Page uses the concept of modules for the different items you want displayed on your personalized page. As you add and change the modules on your page, you may want to rearrange the placement of these modules.

Click on the Move Content link at the top right of My Page to move modules and use either of the interfaces to move your modules around:

You can use the default interface, which shows all modules and their placement on the page. Click the black arrows to move a particular module. Gray arrows indicate you cannot move a module in this direction.

You can also move items using the Panel-to-Panel Quick Move icon shown next to each module while in the Move Content view. A red dot indicates the current panel location of the module you’ve selected to move. Click on a panel, top or bottom, to quickly move the module. With this method, you cannot move the module to the middle of a column, use the default interface for that.