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You can subscribe to these RSS feeds in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Drag an orange RSS button into your News Reader
  • Drag the URL of an RSS feed into your News Reader
  • Cut and paste the URL of an RSS feed into your News Reader

What is an RSS feed anyway?

RSS is content (in our case news stories, calendar events, and press releases from around CUNY), formatted in a special way. (Technically, it's tagged data that conforms to a standard). That's the garble you will see if you click on an RSS icon.

To make sense of that garble, you'll need an RSS reader. RSS readers can make sense of the xml-formatted content and display it to you in a human-friendly format so you can read it. (You could read it in its raw XML state, but it's not much fun.) Many web browsers can act as RSS readers, although some still do not (most notably, Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Once you have an RSS reader, either a stand-alone reader or a web browser capable of acting as one, you can "subscribe" to an RSS feed by giving the URL (the internet address) of that feed to your reader or browser.

Your reader will remember that internet address, and will periodically check that address to see if any new information has been posted. This is all that is meant by "subscribe."

CUNY periodically posts new content to that internet address. This is all that is meant by "feed."

By "subscribing" to an CUNY RSS "feed," you can get up to the minute information delivered to you in a concise, timely manner.