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Postmillennial Coffee Break

Texting is the fastest way to communicate, and this intent group of University students hanging out at Kingsborough Community College's cafeteria seems representative. According to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project (2009-2010), on average young adults ages 18-24 send more than 200 text messages a day, similar to preteens and teenagers 12-17. Unfortunately, according to CUNY professors, students don't always stop texting in class. "Imagine 30 kids texting while you're trying to explain plate tectonics theory," says Yuri Gorokhovich, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental, Geographic and Geological Sciences at Lehman College, who had to crack down on the practice. "I take away 50 percent of attendance if I see a student texting. If the student continues, they get zero for attendance. It's 15 percent of the total grade, so after I implemented this system last year, I've had a nice environment in my class." Professors generally do have the last word.